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The A-Team Coincidence

So today at work I had a great call with a co-worker who’s helping me with a project. At the end, I told him “I love it when a plan comes together” and he recognized it as a line from the TV show, The A-Team.

We both had a good laugh. 

Later, in Facebook, my friend Bob posts this picture from his neighborhood, saying that the A-Team must be in his town:

So naturally, a FB friend of his commented:


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The Meatball Identity

So today is my last day at my parents house in Florida, so mom made her signature meatballs and I made my signature homemade cavatelli pasta:

They’re both pretty exceptional. Mom’s meatballs are legendary in my family and they have been for 30 years. 

Enter: my cousin Bill.

Bill is a foodie- watches cooking shows, cooks a ton himself, some very fancy meals.  He knows his stuff. And he’s a knowitall in general. He comes over my parents fairly often and they bond over food. 

So he and Mrs Bill came over today to join in the meal and to help make it, or at least help me make the pasta (although to be honest we made WAY too much.)

Anyway, as Bill was helping in the kitchen, he was mentioning to mom that he has a meatball technique that takes longer to cook and he actually thinks his meatballs are even better than mom’s.


As he said it, everything was fine. BUT after they left… my parents spoke as if he told them that 2+2=giraffe. Or worse, that he stripped her of her gold medal from the 1000 meter Meatball Cooking event in the Food Olympics. 

Everybody in the family knows that mom’s meatballs sit atop the Meatball pyramid. Anything else does not compute… does not compute… does not compute… (smoke coming out of mom’s ears.)

Personally, I said “big deal, he likes his own meatball better than yours.”

Now my mom is very sensitive in her old age, this is true. I had not realized that this shook her to her very foundation. I’m sure Bill didn’t mean anything by it, but in her eyes, this was her domain and couldn’t he just give the old lady her due? It’s one of the only things she’s really proud of. As I see it, she’s 73 but still needs to feel like she has purpose and value. She does food really well. It’s really tied to her identity. It’s like telling Michael Jordan that he actually has six championship rings in tossing crumpled paper in the trash basket.

I know we’re obsessed with being the best in the USA, and his might be phenomenal but without realizing it, he went right for the jugular.

Oh well, more leftovers for me. 


Unrequested Help can be Annoying, and I Have to Put Up with it Since I Earned It

I’ve blogged before about two coworkers complaining to our boss about my asking them questions to which I should already know. And I’ve since stressed whenever I’ve had a question, concerned that I needed to think more about solving it myself before I ask, or if I really should be asking somebody and am just wasting time trying to figure it out.

And last Monday, I hit a roadblock and had to reach out to my coworker Sabrina for help.  Turns out, it was an easy answer that is normally in front of my face on a website I go to a lot, but since I never answer this type of inquiry, I’ve become blind to it on the screen. 


Then, on Friday, an inquiry came in and I tagged it that I’d answer it. As I’m writing up the answer… Sabrina sent me an IM, telling how to handle it. I didn’t ask for help, she just volunteered. 

It’s annoying for a few reasons: 

-She thought I couldn’t handle this easy situation too (which, I believe, us a common reaction to unrequested help, like an intrusion.)

-I’ve earned that reputation in her mind and probably other colleagues too. Damn.

I am not happy about this. This is the bed I made, now I have to sleep in it. The only thing to do at this point is do good work consistently and fix my reputation.

Work it. Work it. Work it.

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I am such a loser

So I’m visiting my parents for 7 days. Today, my stepfather, Jim, told me an ugly thing he thinks about the family he married into 30 years ago:

We are all tremendous losers.

Excuse me, bigguy?

“You, your mother, your brother, your sister… you are constantly losing things, misplacing them.”

You know what, he’s right. I’m continually, occasionally misplacing things like my keys, wallet, phone, etc. I had not realized that was a family thing that we all do.

I mean, my mom is legendary for either misplacing or worrying about misplacing her pocketbook. She actually sleepwalks looking for it. It’s classic mom. And Jim, God bless him, had been handling it for 30 years. She’s now 73, he’s 80 and it still goes on. Too funny, those two.

Hi.  My name is Rex. And I’m a Loser.


Uncle Sam cuts my debt by 1/4

Yes! I got my tax return from my accountant.  I’m getting back $3,200 in total! I really had no idea how much I would get back.  I suspected a good amount since I only worked half of 2016 so I’m in a lower bracket, if that’s how that works. 

Anyway, I’m putting it all towards my debt, much to my lady Mona’s chagrin. To be clear, she’s not pushing me hard to spend on her/us, but I can tell she’s used to a higher lifestyle and I can’t participate in it at close to that level yet. She’d love to go on vacation with me.  I’d love to too. I CAN do it but that puts my getting debt free down a way. And this is weighing me down.  I need to be responsible and budget well, tighten the belt and beat this thing. 

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I Create Stress

There. I said it.

I listened to Tony Robbins’ tapes back when they WERE tapes. I think around 1995. I was up late at night and back then his infomercials could always be seen at that time. So I bought the tapes. 

I remember he spoke about a “Success Thermostat” that we all have, a level of success that we’re comfortable at and that we’ll sabatoge ourselves if we get really cookin past that level so we stay there at x level. 

I would think there are many factors that go into this subconscious level we have for ourselves. My theory is that is all tied to self worth and what I believe I’m able to do. 

So at work lately, I’ve found myself getting easily stressed about things that I thought were tough and getting kinda paralyzed to the point where during the day I subconsciously arrange it so I get swamped by easy work that is low hanging fruit and at night I regret not working on the hard stuff and tend to work late catching up. Or sometimes it doesn’t get done at night, gets pushed to the next day and the cycle begins again and things might gets pushed days down the line.  It they might even get forgotten and buried.

This has happened throughout my career. 

I can see how this can be the Success Thermostat that I have set for myself.  I create this stress, procrastinate and catch up as opposed to just doing the hard stuff FIRST.

I need to “eat the frog” early, as my previous boss told me once. Do the tough thing first. 

Ok, I’ll be honest. I’ve stressed a lot most my life. Things seem difficult, I get paralyzed, then I play catch up if I can. 

Am I immature or just lacking confidence? Am I lazy or playing dumb in order to avoid responsibility and accountability in life? Am I unable to focus or unwilling? Any one of those sucks. 

Well, there’s nothing I can do about the past. I do know that turning the boat atound is easier than it seems. 

Tony says to get role models. Success leaves clues. Find out what makes people successful and put that into practice. 

That’s one step. I have people in my life that are good business and career role models. 

I need to focus on success and get over how afraid I am by high responsibility. I need to focus on strength, confidence, ambition, drive, focus. High value, abundance, fortune. Replace the negative thoughts with positive and keep pushing myself to where I CONSCIOUSLY want to go. 


I Switched My Handwriting from Left to Right. And a Handwriting Coincidence

So I’m not quite ambidextrous. My stronger arm is my right.  I throw righty, swing a golf club righty… I do most strength-related things righty. 

However, I always wrote lefty.  I don’t know why but that’s how it’s been. And of course, I had all of the handwriting problems lefties have, like getting ink smeared on my hand and binder rings getting in the way. 

However, 8 years ago something happened and I don’t know what, but my left hand started not working 100%. I lost finger strength like fastening buttons, holding small objects and even typing is difficult.  So much so that i now only type with my right hand.

The left hand actually feels thicker around the pads at the base of the fingers.  There’s no numbness or tingling, which are usually the telltale signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I’ve had it looked at by neurologists. They’ve done the uncomfortable test for CTS that involves sticking needles in my arm and moving them around. Nothing. When they hear that I’ve had a huge brain injury as a child, they diagnose me with Dystonia, which, after reading, is NOT the case. Plus, there’s no cure or good treatment for it.  

There’s so much discomfort and stiffness in my arm at times, yet weakness in the fine finger gripping. Ugh.

Anyway, because of this condition, my handwriting has suffered. So much so that I’ve converted to righty. Below you can see… the top is with my left hand and that took effort to be neat.  The bottom is with my right: 

With very little practice, my right hand handwriting became very neat and legible. I only use my left for my signature now. 

Welcome to the fun world of being me. 

Now… the other day, my building super needed me to fill out a form and as I quickly wrote information I went from right to left just because of the angle.  Then I wrote a silly Facebook post about it:

Just the very next day, via Facebook Memories, I noticed that 5 years ago I also wrote about my handwriting switchover.