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I’m happy with less debt

So, money is a big issue for me right now. I’m earning 20% less of my full time job from 3 years ago, but I’m happy with the work I’m doing. And I’ve accumulated not-insubstantial debt while unemployed. 

As some of you may remember, my gf Mona mandated that I start setting a therapist. 

HER therapist. 

I had to wait until I got a job but I started. And she, the therapist, Sylvia, got me really focusing on paying off my debt. I transferred 70% of the debt to 0 % credit cards. That idea hadn’t even crossed my mind before. But it IS helping me. The debt is going down quicker, I’ll give it that. I’ve paid off 17% of the debt with more scheduled. 

Plus I picked up a side job one day a weekend taking exterior pictures of real estate.  So that helps too.

I’m excited to see progress.

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Holy crap am I exhausted

I’ve been burning the candles lately. And not even for fun purposes.

Working that 9-5. It’s going well, though last week my boss gave me a bit of a warning. This week is just busy, trying to ask for help less unless I REALLY need it, but stressing if I really need it or not, or if I should just think more of how I can do it myself.  Then time goes by and I still have to ask for help. 

Sometimes I tried to figure it out or took initiative and it backfired. Ugh. I’m getting trigger shy.

Then I communicate to my team that I was taking an hour in the morning to work in a project and not to be disturbed.  After the team ok’d it my boss told me I shouldn’t be doing that after I was almost over anyway. 

And I’ve had a cold for a week.

And I’ve been working my side job taking real estate pics for hours on end on my only free day of the weekend and I come home exhausted and can’t move. My apartment is a mess but I have no energy to clean. 

At night I’ve been uploading pictures. Like every weeknight for a while since I put it off for a couple weeks. Except this week because Google Drive tells me that my memory is gone and I’ve been deleting and deleting but haven’t moved the needle. 

My sleep was effed 3 days in a row last week.

I’ve had two cold sores in the past month. 

My gf and I haven’t kissed in forever between cold sores, me sick, her sick before that. I haven’t been able to work by her office in a couple weeks.  That really gave us some extra time. And we only really have a weekend every other weekend together which blows. Ok on the alternate weekends we have Sunday for 5 hours but it’s not the same. 

And… We haven’t advanced cuddled in a month.

I’m at my wit’s end. Need some time do get shit done. And some time to relax. And just more energy. 


Warning at Work

So… my new job isnt so new anymore. 7 months. I am still learning every day, asking a lot of questions, stepping up for things and trying to figure them out. 

I mainly use one coworker peer Jane for questions. She’s very senior in the job. Knows everything. I prefer to talk on the phone when I ask questions. I try to make them “good questions.”


Well, I have a standing weekly call with my boss, Terry. Today, he brooched a subject by saying “This isn’t easy to say…”

That’s not good. 

Apparently, I have been asking questions to which I should already know the answer. I do tend to check with people to see if my reasoning is sound, or if what I’m doing is right. I didn’t think it was that much, or eating Jane’s productivity. 

But that’s what my boss said. Someone was concerned about her productivity because of ME.

Wow, that’s not good. 

Now, I’m not going to dispute her point of view. I think it’s exaggerated but whatever. I need to be mindful and confident that I know at least initial answers. It wasn’t really a warning. Just a heads up. 

But probably was definitely a warning. 

I’m a little perturbed that they haven’t been coming to me about it. Confrontational conversations are tough, I guess. I do feel kind of alone now.  I mean, I DO work alone at home. But I have no confidante. I thought I did, but no. I’m on my own.

Having a talk with my boss isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I did a few jobs ago early on. Set me on a better path. 

It’s all good. 


The Bloke Coincidence

Quick one… I was going through my morning and just happened to think of an Enflish guy that I used to with. Not five minutes later, I went on Facebook and saw that he Liked my most recent status. 


He’s a “top bloke.”


Lots of Photo Taking and Losing My Car

So I put in a solid day of taking photos of real estate. Almost 5.5 hours, almost 8.6 miles. 

Maybe 20 minutes break in there. Maybe. I didn’t even eat lunch, I had a filling breakfast of a bagel with eggs. But still, 7+ hours of no eating during the day is surprising. I never really got hungry. And I had zero water to drink, which was bad. I brought some but I was in the zone.

But… my feet were (still are) KILLING ME! Most of the time… certainly a lot in the beginning… I was walking with great purpose, chugging along. Literally pounding the pavement. 

My dogs are BARKIN!

So when I got near the end of my intended route for the day… stores’ external lights had come on. The streetlights weren’t far behind. My feet were killing me. The last block or two would have to wait. 

So I walked back to the car. I remembered I parked on 44th Street.

But my car was gone. 

This was the block I’d parked on. It looked like it. To be honest, I was kind of fuzzy. In retrospect, I should have eaten something and drank water.  But I didn’t. And my car was certainly not there. 

Had I parked on 44th? It was an eastbound street, so an even number. I hobbled to 42nd. Nothing. I stumbled to 46th. Nothing. I walked down towards the next avenue and clicked my car alarm, the BOOP BOOPer as we call it. NOTHING. My personal gas tank was empty. I wasn’t walking with verve. I needed to sit.

Did my car get stolen? Did it get towed? Mother. Fucker.  I really didn’t need either (not that anyone ever really needs them.)

I texted Mona a bit. Will I call the cops soon? What’s my license plate? I don’t even know that. Wait. Yes. Yes I do. We used to enter it in a town database when I parked on the street in Mona’s nabe. No parking overnight unless I checked the car in. 

Ok but I’m still not convinced  that I didn’t just lose the car. Either way, I called my Uncle Jim. Jim’s a Brooklyn resident and wouldn’t you know it, he was home just waiting to rescue his nephew. 

In forty five minutes, he arrived. We drove in an S pattern. No car. Ugh. “Hey unc, let’s do an S around the next avenues.

Hey wait… this looks familiar. 

BOOM. There’s my car! I must have not walked towards the other avenue in that particular street while I was walking like a drunk man around the area (it WAS 44th after all.)

THANK YOU GOD! I knew that area of Brooklyn wasn’t bad anymore, especially for a car theft in the broad daylight. 

But I was a zombie the rest of the day. The mental anguish of the car ordeal combined with the with physical exhaustion made for one painful evening. 

Yes, I’d just lived through a Seinfeld episode, not finding my car. 



I Can’t Rock to the 80s

So I’m 44. That means I was 17 when 1990 started. Which means… I LOVE the 80s.

Granted, I wasn’t in my 20s so I didn’t enjoy them to their fullest potential, but I love them nonetheless- The music, the movies, TV, the big hair, the styles, the sweat suits, MTV actually playing music videos, the seat suits…

A few years ago, Long Island venue the Nassau Coliseum closed. The NY Islanders hockey team had to move out, to Brooklyn. It was a big change in the area.

I’ve seen many a show at the Coliseum: Madonna, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Sam Kinison amongst the biggest names.  Good times .

But wait, what’s this?  It’s re-opening? Ooooh, it was just under construction. Cool.

And yes, as a commemoration, Saint Billy of Hicksville will be the inaugural act.  Well done, Billy. 

Then… the other day… I saw an ad for another show at the Coliseum: Def Leppard, Poison, Tesla.

Holy Hair Rock, Batman! Great line up (though truth be told, I think I only know 1 Tesla songs, the re-make of Signs

But still, Def Leppard alone would be worth the 80s while. And Poison? Heck, Talk Dirty to Me is one of my go-to karaoke songs.)

Except one thing… I’M LIVING TIGHT TO PAY OFF MY HUGE CREDIT CARD DEBT!!!!! A concert is not worth the exception.  It’s not. Especially when I need to visit my parents in Florida. I need to make that happen. 

(Sigh) Oh well. I’m going to put out into the universe that I’m open to free tix for this show, and let it do the work. I WILL make this happen. The tickets… or more preferably the


Thrifty Rex is Not As Generous 

So for eleven years… ELEVEN… I’ve owned children in Ecuador.

Ok, perhaps “own” is the wrong word. I’ve sponsored them with a monthly donation. It all started eleven years ago, I was walking though Manhattan’s Union Square, going to (or from) an interview. This children’s org had people in the park telling passers-by about their needy kids and how $x a month could help them get food, clothes, etc. 

No… it was not the charity associated with Sally Struthers, but something like that. 

Anyway, it was a guy that approached me. Very amiable fellow, I remember thinking that he looked like a friend if mine. 

Anyway… needy kids, monthly payment, yadda yadda yadda… I was in. I was not making great money at the time but I do like a good cause. And a good tax write off.

ELEVEN years later, I’m still in. Or rather… WAS. 

My credit card was expiring and I was on the phone with them about to update my card info. When all of a sudden, it hit me that I am trying to cut back these days so I can pay off debt. So off it went. 


That’s another $25 (as its grown to) per month back in the ol pocket, thankyouverymuch. I’m getting a hang of this frugal thing. 

Lo siento, Ecuador : (