I Switched My Handwriting from Left to Right. And a Handwriting Coincidence

So I’m not quite ambidextrous. My stronger arm is my right.  I throw righty, swing a golf club righty… I do most strength-related things righty. 

However, I always wrote lefty.  I don’t know why but that’s how it’s been. And of course, I had all of the handwriting problems lefties have, like getting ink smeared on my hand and binder rings getting in the way. 

However, 8 years ago something happened and I don’t know what, but my left hand started not working 100%. I lost finger strength like fastening buttons, holding small objects and even typing is difficult.  So much so that i now only type with my right hand.

The left hand actually feels thicker around the pads at the base of the fingers.  There’s no numbness or tingling, which are usually the telltale signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I’ve had it looked at by neurologists. They’ve done the uncomfortable test for CTS that involves sticking needles in my arm and moving them around. Nothing. When they hear that I’ve had a huge brain injury as a child, they diagnose me with Dystonia, which, after reading, is NOT the case. Plus, there’s no cure or good treatment for it.  

There’s so much discomfort and stiffness in my arm at times, yet weakness in the fine finger gripping. Ugh.

Anyway, because of this condition, my handwriting has suffered. So much so that I’ve converted to righty. Below you can see… the top is with my left hand and that took effort to be neat.  The bottom is with my right: 

With very little practice, my right hand handwriting became very neat and legible. I only use my left for my signature now. 

Welcome to the fun world of being me. 

Now… the other day, my building super needed me to fill out a form and as I quickly wrote information I went from right to left just because of the angle.  Then I wrote a silly Facebook post about it:

Just the very next day, via Facebook Memories, I noticed that 5 years ago I also wrote about my handwriting switchover.


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Late for the Airport, a Parking Hook Up and Blogging from 36,000 Feet

So, I didn’t visit my parents for Christmas. They have been in Florida since 1998 and normally I see them three or so times a year, one of those times normally being Christmas. My step-father decreed long ago that as long as I don’t have a significant other, I need to be with them for Christmas, otherwise I need to be “home alone like a dog.” Which makes sense to me and I haven’t missed… until this year.

I have Mona in NY and wanted to spend the holidays together. We considered going to Florida together, but that was a logistical nightmare. Plus money was tight. Mom offered to pay for me alone but I wanted to make an adult decision, not be taken care of by mommy.

Buuuuuuut, I do need to see my parents. So she offered to pay again for a post-Christmas trip… and I took it. Jetblue now flies to the closest airport near her, to Daytona. So I went into my Jetblue account. I can work from anywhere and don’t want to burn too many vacation days, so I’m flying down and up mid-week and will be working from Florida for a few days then will have off a few days. It’s cheaper. So I chose a flight…

Wait… what’s this? I have Jetblue points? ENOUGH TO BUY A FLIGHT?

YEEEEEESSSSS! But now I have money from my mom. What to do? I kept it, put it towards my debt. Thanks mom.

Enter, my “cousin” Tom. Tom’s dad is my uncle’s best friend. I’ve known him since I was 7 or so. We call each other “cousin.” Tom’s a Port Authority cop and apparently, PAPD family can park in special parking lots at the airport free of charge. Nice! It takes a little extra to do but my car will be there when I get back to NYC. Free of charge.

So today, I woke up a half hour before I wanted to leave for the airport for my 9am flight, putting my alarm at 6:15am- Quick shower, last minute packing check… no prob.

But that did not happen. It took a lot longer : ( I left around 7:15am. Oy.

Thank God there was no traffic to the airport because it was early-ish in the morning. I was praying that everything would be ok. Thankfully I did a dry run on Sunday to see where the PA PD station is. I got there, parked. But I had to go to the main desk, take my car to an alternate parking lot and a cop drove me to the terminal.

First time being in a cop car, thankfully.

I checked in curbside with 55 minutes to my flight. I had one bag to check. But by the time I got through security, and bought a quick bagel and coffee, I got to the gate as we were boarding. As we were FINISHING boarding.



So here I am up at 30,000 feet, watching the Dan Brown movie “Inferno” using the airplane wi-fi to blog. Fly-Fi as it’s called. I know it’s been available for a while but still kinda cool.


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Needing Grace and Receiving It

So I have a side job of taking external pictures of real estate. Not places that are up for sale, a listings company just wants to keep updating what everything in an area looks like. 

One of the challenges is the sun.  I can’t shoot directly into it obviously, though I CAN block it with my clipboard as long as I’m not impeding the view on the building I’m shooting. 

Usually, I’m assigned to long stretches along entire streets: I shoot all houses on one side, then I shoot the same stretch but the other side. If the sides face east and west, the sun will come into play and ultimately will slow me down when I’m facing it, and my friend pays me by the hour but needs me to go as fast as possible. He’d love me to go 2 miles per hour, but I usually go 1.4-1.6. Today, my first street was facing the sun and it was slowing me down and I was surly. Many things have been upsetting me lately and this was just putting me over the top and I was just grumpy.

But then, the subsequent batches of houses that I was assigned to didn’t face the sun.  For like 2+ hours, but when I faced it again but it was setting enough so it wasn’t a bother. 

Somebody “up there” threw me a bone, and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks, God/spirit/angels/universe/vibes… whoever the Great Mystery is. It’s nice to be blessed. 


The Everything Coincidence

So I was texting my “boss” who gave me the real estate photography freelancing job.  It’s my buddy, Ira. I was just telling him that I was done uploading pictures for the evening and he could download everything: 

Simultaneously, I was watching the Oscars and during a commercial for… whatever… someone said “trust is everything.”



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Is Liking other women’s selfies on FB inappropriate for a man in a relationship? 

Yes. This is about Mona. Yes, many of you don’t like her. But here me out…

So I’ve worked in the corporate world in my career and have been friendly with lots of people.  Yes, women too. Talking in the office, going out for happy hour. Etc. 

And on Facebook, I’m connected with many people I’ve been friendly with throughout my life. 

Yes, women too. And when they post pics, I’ll occasionally hit the Like button.

Now, my current company does have an office building in Manhattan and I do go in occasionally.  One day, an ex coworker, Beth, checked in on FB next door to my building. “Whoa, you work that close to me? Let’s have lunch one day” I posited innocently. 

Now, last Friday I went into the office.  I had my annual review so I pitched lunch with Beth. She couldn’t do it but said yes to drinks. 

Mona was very concerned about my review and wanted to know how it went. But after the review, I had to work then went out to meet Beth in Grand Central Station for a drink like old times. 

But I never texted Mona. 

And Mona let me have it because I didn’t text her how my review went or even say that I was leaving work before I went to have a drink with a FEMALE friend. 


I’m sure that I was hanging out with a woman didn’t help. She’s never been friendly with male coworkers. 

Is it inappropriate for me to be friendly with women? Most men don’t have female friends. I get that. This was nothing more than catching up with someone I used to work in the same office with. Not like Beth and I are going to start regularly hanging out.

So Mona and I had many conversations about my not texting her and about my drinks with Beth but eventually her head cooled down.

And then, Mona looked at Beth’s pics on FB. Especially those that I pressed Like on. Mona took note of the selfies I Liked.

By the way, Beth happens to be really attractive. And in selfies, not that she’s doing much more than smiling, but she looks good in all pics that she takes. It’s not like she’s doing anything excessively sexy or is scantilly clad but she’s good looking in general and that’s just how it goes. And I hit Like on some of those pics. 

And Mona, seeing this, lost it. Like, told me not to come over tomorrow, saying how inappropriate it is if I hit Like on an attractive Facebook friend’s pictures. Specifically, 10 pictures in 19 months. Mona texted me the pics.

Now, am I in the wrong? For meeting up with female friends while having a girlfriend? For liking female Facebook friends’ pics on Facebook? For having female friends? (Not like could give a rat’s ass about that one.  I do.  Deal with it.) Does the fact that Beth is attractions cloud everything? (I’m sure that’s a yes.)


Worth bringing up to a coworker or not?

So a couple of us stepped up to watch another team’s queue of client inquiries through a different email box.

One of my immediate teammates, Jen, said how minding that emailbox in the afternoon would be difficult for her because there are only 3 of us, Jen, Michele and me, watching our own emailbox of client inquiries at that time and that “typically, Michele and (Jen) end up being the most aggressive in answering inquiries.”

Now, maybe I’m sensitive, but I think that makes me sound like I don’t do my job. Jen has a way of being too wordy and overly explanatory. I do have a project that I take an hour out of the afternoon to work on.  Perhaps she meant that but the way she said it needs work. 

I’m in a confrontational mood these days with what happened with Mona but this is work. Not sure if I should bring it up to her.  We all work from home so communication is sparse between us all anyway. 

But this is a woman who had a problem with my taking an hour to work on this project (when I would take it in the mornings) and didn’t say anything to me yet mentioned it to my boss.

I don’t want to be the guy who has drama all the time. 



We did NOT break up after all

I know, I’m going to hear it.

I did not break up with Mona after all.  We had a LONG therapy session, 2+ hours.  I did not hold back, even told her I came prepared to break up with her. I yelled a bit too… definitely lost my cool at times. 

I’ll spare the details, but we got to a compromise where she paid half of the damages of the glasses.

Well, not exactly. She treated me to something I was going to buy that was worth half the price of the repair. 

Why couldn’t she just give me $40? Beats me. She felt weird, I shouldn’t have agreed to take it in the first place, blahblahblah. It’s all very strange. 

Ladies, I know this sounds weird, but are you angels with your men? Do you give your men any quarter in arguments, or pull the “women are always right” card out more than you care to admit?

They say behind every angry woman there’s a man who had no idea what he did- that as men, we ride the unpredictable wave that is woman and try to provide stability. I chalk her behavior partially up to that. 

“Choose your battles wisely,” as they say. It wasn’t worth breaking up but I stood my ground enough so she had to compromise too.

We wound up having a nice weekend, though it was a bit tenuous at first since we had that crazy argument. 

Saturday we exchanged Valentine’s Day presents: she got me a couples massage/spa session plus tchotchkes, I got her some earrings and tchotchkes.

She did bring up the fact that I told her I was ready to break up with her.  A few times. She was obviously still taken aback from it. 

We had some advanced cuddling. I could tell that we both were slightly removed because of the fight still, but we wanted to get some momentum going, which helped. A little oxytocin goes a long way. 

We’re not fully healed but pretty close. I do love her. 

The thing that’ll really bother both of us is our schedule. I can’t work from her office anymore. She said it’s too distracting for her, even if I try to be quiet. So that means I see her a full weekend, then a Sunday of the next weekend, with that cycle repeating.

The full weekends won’t really be a full weekend. The Saturday of our full weekend, she’ll spend an afternoon with one child so I have to make myself scarce for 5 hours. This is a new development at the children’s request since they don’t see enough of the father.

Ups and downs. Mostly ups still.