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The Agents of SHIELD Coincidence

So here I am, watching the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD. I’m watching on demand which still has commercials. 

So at a commercial break, I go to the Agents of SHIELD Facebook page, and the last post on the page was a video of the SAME SCENE THAT I JUST WATCHED ON TV. This video was posted on their Facebook page only TEN MINUTES AGO.


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The A-Team Coincidence

So today at work I had a great call with a co-worker who’s helping me with a project. At the end, I told him “I love it when a plan comes together” and he recognized it as a line from the TV show, The A-Team.

We both had a good laugh. 

Later, in Facebook, my friend Bob posts this picture from his neighborhood, saying that the A-Team must be in his town:

So naturally, a FB friend of his commented:


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After over a year… We FINALLY watched something other than Game of Thrones! 

That’s right! I’ve been a HUGE GoT fan since season 2 but until she met me, Mona had never seen an episode. 

And we’ve now watched every episode together, which took over a year. Without watching anything else. No other tv shows, no movies on TV. Every TV watching experience has been Game of Thrones.  

Well now she’s /we’re all caught up, she’s seen through season 6 and loves it as much as I do. Well, maybe not THAT much (but loves the Targaryen socks that were part of her Christmukkah gift.)

And so, we can FINALLY watch something else on TV. And as a quid pro quo, she wants me to watch every episode of the USA Network show, Suits. We’re in season 2 and I’m enjoying it throroughly. No… it doesn’t have decapitations, ice zombies or dragons… but it’ll do. 

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The 30 Coincidence… RIP William Christopher, MASH’s Father Mulcahey

Sadly, William Christopher passed away on New Year’s Eve 2016. He was best known for playing Father Mulcahey on my favorite TV show of all time, MASH. 

For a while in the early to late 80’s, MASH was always on in syndication at 11pm and I always watched it. I must have seen every episode 5 times.

Huge fan. 

Rest in peace, William. Thanks for the entertainment.

Now, on Jan 1, I was parked in Mona’s neighborhood in front of a random house a few blocks away, waiting for Mona to text me that her ex picked up the kids do I could go over. So I was listening to sports radio while tooling around on my cell phone. 

I remembered that William Christopher revived the Fr Mulcahey character for the MASH spinoff, AfterMASH. How long was that on the air? Hmmmm… I opened IMDB. 

On the radio, a commentator was talking about a player doing something for THIRTY games. At that moment I read that AfterMASH was on for THIRTY EPISODES!!!!!


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Do you dick around before sleep?

So ok… lots of sleep is good for you. Eight hours, as they say. I’ve gotten eight hours of sleep probably 5 times in the last 20 years. Easy. 

“But Rex… aren’t you a single guy and can pretty much make your own schedule?”

Great point, good reader. So why aren’t I the most wellest rested man alive?

Because I “dick around” as Mona and I call it (she does too.)

Facebook, blogging, watching TV, reading… whatever. Those are the immediate rewards for my instant gratification. And for me… watching late TV dated back to 1987. I was 14/15 and finally got a bedroom of my own and had a TV in my room. 

TV shows in syndication at 11pm! M*A*S*H! Taxi! The Odd Couple! And later on Cheers and Seinfeld! 

And at 11:30pm…  Johnny Carson! Such great monologues.  So funny! The sketches!  The fun interviews! I would go to bed somewhere in there. Sometimes I’d stay up to see part of Letterman at 12:30am.

So basically, i have a long history of dicking around. There’s tons of momentum. I no longer watch late night TV, not often anyway. 

But… i really need to start my winding down around 10:30pm. If I can be asleep by 11/11:15pm I’d be thrilled. I need to eliminate Facebook and read a little more.  Then good night. 

Does anyone else dick around (in the sense that I’m talking about?)

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The Krysten Ritter Coincidence (minor Jessica Jones and Breaking Bad spoilers)

Hey all… this week I plowed through the Netflix series Jessica Jones where Krysten Ritter plays a superstrong private eye dealing with new romance, family issues and a mind controlling psycho from her past. She perfectly portrays the imperfect tortured anti-hero just trying to earn a living yet steps up when she has to. The supporting cast, writing & directing is superb.

It’s FAN – FUCKING – TASTIC! Gritty, noir, layered, tough. This is no cheesy superhero show, that’s fo sho. Watch it ASAP on Netflix.

I finished it this morning.  And since it was a lazy morning, I started catching up on Breaking Bad. (I know I know “it’s about time!”)

And in the episode I happened to watch… it had a guest spot featuring KRYSTEN RITTER! Unfortunately, her character died in the episode in a heartbreaking way that shows how much of a self-centered bastard the main character Walter White is becoming. : ( So no more of her sassy junkie character : ( : (


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I can’t wait for her

So Mona asked me an important question:

If she hasn’t caught up on Game of Thrones by the time season 6 starts, would I wait for her to do so before I watched any of season 6.

My reaction: “Hell no!”

Sorry lady, you’re awesome and everything… and… I’m not waiting for anyone.

My relationship with GoT pre-dates my relationship with her by 5 years. Deal with it.