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Blessed with a Free Bagel and Coffee

So I’m trying to watch what I spend and for breakfast I usually make oatmeal and my own coffee soI don’t spend $5-$7. However, this morning I was running late and had a sink filled with dirty dishes, pots and my coffee pot…

So off I went to the bagel place a block away for a bagel and a coffee. It was going to run $5, not the end of the world but not what I wanted to spend. 

I ordered my toasted Everything bagel with cream cheese. When the guy brought it to me and made me a coffee, he made a funny face as motioned away with his head. 

“He’s giving me free breakfast and doesn’t want to let the other customers know.” Now, I am there very often, they all know me.  I’m fairly talkative and sociable. But still, this was an unexpected blessing, helping me conserve money. 

The universe, spirit, angels, God, vibes, whoever is one my side.

I’ll take miracles. Small ones and big ones too.

Random Cool Stuff

I walked nearly 16 miles! 

So I have a side job taking external pics of real estate. I get assigned blocks and I walk down, clicking away. I’ve been assigned to areas in Brooklyn, Queens and now Manhattan. 

I started early, like 9:30am, stopping occasionally. Yes, as the title says… today I walked nearly SIXTEEN EFFING MILES! 


Took me over 6.5 hours, that’s how I spent my Memorial Day Weekend Saturday! Making  $137 in cash.

WOW, my dogs are BARKIN! (aka my feet hurt.) But hey, my debt doesn’t pay down itself! 

Random Cool Stuff

I generated a free cup of coffee with my thoughts!

Check this out…

For lunch I went into my local bagel store. Not for food but for a decaf (I’m limiting my caffeine these days. Plus it’s cold in my apt during the day so I needed something to warm me up.)

So order my small coffee from the owner. At that point,  I think to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool if he just gave it to me for free? They’ve never done that to me,  but I’m a loyal customer, and it’s just a small coffee.”

The owner,  James, puts the coffee down on the he counter.  “How much?” I inquire. 

“Next time.” He said. 

No. Effing. Way. I did that. I made that happen… with my thoughts. With my WILL.

Three Law of Attraction is real. And I’m a Jedi. 

What’s next? I think a tropical vacation is in order. 


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Late for the Airport, a Parking Hook Up and Blogging from 36,000 Feet

So, I didn’t visit my parents for Christmas. They have been in Florida since 1998 and normally I see them three or so times a year, one of those times normally being Christmas. My step-father decreed long ago that as long as I don’t have a significant other, I need to be with them for Christmas, otherwise I need to be “home alone like a dog.” Which makes sense to me and I haven’t missed… until this year.

I have Mona in NY and wanted to spend the holidays together. We considered going to Florida together, but that was a logistical nightmare. Plus money was tight. Mom offered to pay for me alone but I wanted to make an adult decision, not be taken care of by mommy.

Buuuuuuut, I do need to see my parents. So she offered to pay again for a post-Christmas trip… and I took it. Jetblue now flies to the closest airport near her, to Daytona. So I went into my Jetblue account. I can work from anywhere and don’t want to burn too many vacation days, so I’m flying down and up mid-week and will be working from Florida for a few days then will have off a few days. It’s cheaper. So I chose a flight…

Wait… what’s this? I have Jetblue points? ENOUGH TO BUY A FLIGHT?

YEEEEEESSSSS! But now I have money from my mom. What to do? I kept it, put it towards my debt. Thanks mom.

Enter, my “cousin” Tom. Tom’s dad is my uncle’s best friend. I’ve known him since I was 7 or so. We call each other “cousin.” Tom’s a Port Authority cop and apparently, PAPD family can park in special parking lots at the airport free of charge. Nice! It takes a little extra to do but my car will be there when I get back to NYC. Free of charge.

So today, I woke up a half hour before I wanted to leave for the airport for my 9am flight, putting my alarm at 6:15am- Quick shower, last minute packing check… no prob.

But that did not happen. It took a lot longer : ( I left around 7:15am. Oy.

Thank God there was no traffic to the airport because it was early-ish in the morning. I was praying that everything would be ok. Thankfully I did a dry run on Sunday to see where the PA PD station is. I got there, parked. But I had to go to the main desk, take my car to an alternate parking lot and a cop drove me to the terminal.

First time being in a cop car, thankfully.

I checked in curbside with 55 minutes to my flight. I had one bag to check. But by the time I got through security, and bought a quick bagel and coffee, I got to the gate as we were boarding. As we were FINISHING boarding.



So here I am up at 30,000 feet, watching the Dan Brown movie “Inferno” using the airplane wi-fi to blog. Fly-Fi as it’s called. I know it’s been available for a while but still kinda cool.


Random Cool Stuff

Nice to be Twice Thought Of

On Facebook, we post and comment and express our interests and people tend to associate you with those topics. 

Today, two separate people reached out to me with things they found online and made them think of me. 

For one it was Game of Thrones, for the other it was Senator Al Franken (ex SNL writer/performer.)

Cool to be thought of.  I’ll take it. 

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My Bag of Random Cables Comes Through AGAIN

So I’m 44 and over the years I’ve owned various electronics, some of which I still have, some I don’t. Some I saved parts: Cable wires, USB cables, extension cords, charging cords, etc. I keep them in a plastic garbage bag which is tearing in places.  I should swap in a new one. 

I believe I’ve moved seven times in my life. And every time my bag of random cords has traveled with me, and has grown. 

Do I need everything? Probably not. Has it come in occasionally handy? Heck yeah! 

First of all, extension cords (single and multiple outlets) are always good to have. No brainer. But every now and then I’ll find something else handy. 

So… last month I bought a printer/scanner.  Work paid for it for my “home office.” Thanks, company. 

This weekend I got around to setting it up. Installed software fine, plugged the AC cable- check. But, there’s NO USB cable to go to my computer.
What? It’s not a wireless printer  (or maybe it is and I haven’t realized it.)


Wouldn’t you know it! I had a random cord- USB on one end… printer input on the other. 


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I can’t stand my own cologne

So some people wear odors. Cologne, perfume, lotions, oils, etc. We like to smell nice. Fruity, musky, light, fresh, sharp, manly, feminine.

In the late 80s/early 90s, my and my fellow guidos bathed in cologne. Drakkar Noir was by far THE most popular in the 80s. Funny but once 1990 hit, boom it was gone. We all silently agreed to stop wearing it.

There were so many others. Fahrenheit. Cool Water. Grey Flannel. Joop. Hanging with the guys was a clash of the colognes.

I admit, I love a good smelling woman. The first girl i had sex with used to wear a perfume called Tresor and after we stopped dating, if I had a whiff of someone else wearing it, I instantly thought of her.

And I’m a sucker for a vanilla or coconut lotion. Yes. I LOVE “stripper smell.”

I currently have some colognes in my bathroom cabinet, I rarely wear them.

I did put one on the other day for a shits and giggles.  I wasn’t going out, just hanging around the house…

And I smelled AWFUL. I’m not going to name the cologne, but WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING WHEN I BOUGHT IT?!

Mona has said that she likes it when I’m not completely drowning in it. How can she like it when it’s even lightly on?

I think I need to bring another one into rotation.