Oh my poor blog!

Hey all,

It’s been like 2 weeks since I blogged last. Ugh. My schedule had gotten crazy. 

Work is going well. We’re shortstaffed, so it’s extra busy. 

I’m still taking external pictures of real estate in the side as well.  Got some good stories that I’ll save for another blog post. That’s one day a weekend. At least two evenings during the week I’m uploading pictures. I need evening time to do things for my day job so hopefully I can manage my time better. 

The other days of the weekend I’m seeing Mona. 

Wow. I’m pretty frenzied lately.

Also, I cut my debt by 58% since September. 

Mona and I are doing well. I don’t blog about every disagreement we have anymore. It’s not a lot, mind you.  Thankfully. We don’t spend that much time together, like 3.5 days every 2 weeks. She doesn’t feel the kids are ready to meet a suitor yet so I’m relegated to non-kid time. 

Eh, such is life. I’m just trying to pay off debt so I can start saving up again.


Busy life going on or just Adulting?

Hey all, i haven’t blogged in a while other than coincidences. “What’s going on, Rex?”

Well… work has been busy.  Full days, and working in the evenings trying to learn new stuff that i need to train clients on. 

In the weekends I see Mona alternate Friday evening- Sunday mornings, then alternate Sundays 11am-5pm.

When I don’t see Mona, I’m walking through neighborhoods taking pics of houses for a freelance job. 

That sums up my life. The time I have off I really just try to relax as I don’t have time to do that anymore.  Not a whole lot. 

I don’t know how much time people have to relax, it’s not a conversation I have with people. BUT… coming from a lifetime of previously being VERY single… I used to have a LOT. Now I have VERY LITTLE. 

Ok fine. I may be able to schedule better.  But do I really need time to relax? As an adult with more responsiblies these days, is this how it is? As one of those… you know… “adults”?

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I Create Stress

There. I said it.

I listened to Tony Robbins’ tapes back when they WERE tapes. I think around 1995. I was up late at night and back then his infomercials could always be seen at that time. So I bought the tapes. 

I remember he spoke about a “Success Thermostat” that we all have, a level of success that we’re comfortable at and that we’ll sabatoge ourselves if we get really cookin past that level so we stay there at x level. 

I would think there are many factors that go into this subconscious level we have for ourselves. My theory is that is all tied to self worth and what I believe I’m able to do. 

So at work lately, I’ve found myself getting easily stressed about things that I thought were tough and getting kinda paralyzed to the point where during the day I subconsciously arrange it so I get swamped by easy work that is low hanging fruit and at night I regret not working on the hard stuff and tend to work late catching up. Or sometimes it doesn’t get done at night, gets pushed to the next day and the cycle begins again and things might gets pushed days down the line.  It they might even get forgotten and buried.

This has happened throughout my career. 

I can see how this can be the Success Thermostat that I have set for myself.  I create this stress, procrastinate and catch up as opposed to just doing the hard stuff FIRST.

I need to “eat the frog” early, as my previous boss told me once. Do the tough thing first. 

Ok, I’ll be honest. I’ve stressed a lot most my life. Things seem difficult, I get paralyzed, then I play catch up if I can. 

Am I immature or just lacking confidence? Am I lazy or playing dumb in order to avoid responsibility and accountability in life? Am I unable to focus or unwilling? Any one of those sucks. 

Well, there’s nothing I can do about the past. I do know that turning the boat atound is easier than it seems. 

Tony says to get role models. Success leaves clues. Find out what makes people successful and put that into practice. 

That’s one step. I have people in my life that are good business and career role models. 

I need to focus on success and get over how afraid I am by high responsibility. I need to focus on strength, confidence, ambition, drive, focus. High value, abundance, fortune. Replace the negative thoughts with positive and keep pushing myself to where I CONSCIOUSLY want to go. 

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Distracting with Wisecracks

So…. I’m a funny guy. I have been known to make people laugh.  It’s my “thing.” Probably harkens back to my early youth… a skill I had/ developed to cope with the world. 

But how often do I interject jokes intoeveryday conversations? A LOT.

Just today, at work we were having difficulty deleting files and I almost replied “My ability to delete has been deleted” But I stilled my tongue (fingers, really, since I work from home and we all use Skype text.)

I was raised on sitcoms. Damn, I watched a LOT as a kid. They make every third sentence a joke. Left to my own devices, I can do that too. And I think I do. Like Chandler Bing (whom I’ve been compared to.)

Damn, that’s gotta be annoying. 

Just the other day, Mona asked me to say “I love you” more seriously. Not always but sometimes she’d like me to be more serious… not a wisecracking guy who literally dances around quite often (I’ve always got some groove going on.)

Background: Mona and I text our goodnights every night. “I love you,” “I miss you,” “Can’t wait to see you!” etc with all sorts of emojis, including the kissy smiley face. And relatively early on, in person we imitated us doing that but vocally, so it gets real cutesy “Iloveyouuuuuuuu” “missyoubabyyyyy kissyface kissyface kissyface” etc. 

And I admit, I do that a lot in front of her. God, I’m such a goofball. And she’s still with me. Good thing I get the oxytocin flowin. Or maybe it’s because of that. 

Either way, cracking wise can often sidetrack a conversation, as if saying “that’s nice but look at what I can do!”

Ugh. Just one day I want to go the whole day without a gratuitous goofy comment, verbally or written.

Ok. Challenge accepted. My Facebook friends will be upset but they’ll get over it.


Can’t Grow a Beard

Beards. Symbols of manhood and verility. If the members of ZZ Top didn’t have enormous beards, they’d be ZZ Bottom.

Beards are very popular these days: the full bushy lumberjack, or the neat cut a little longer than 5 o’clock shadow, or even the goatee.

Working from home, I don’t need to shave often.  Or at all for that matter.  The only times I do shave is when I go to a relative’s house for an occasion or I’m seeing Mona (and that’s not all the time, either.)

Why do I need to shave at all? Why can’t I just beard it out like most men these days? Because when I try to grow, it looks like this: 

(And this pic is after 2 weeks of not shaving!)
That’s right:  nothing on the front of the chin, very little in the sides and a mustache you can practically wipe off with a napkin. I can only grow UNDER my jaw… the AMISH goatee.

I’m Gratuitous Jebediah.

It reminds me of the episode of Cheers where the guys had a beard growing competition and Cliff Claven glued hair on his face because he was a fellow baby-bottom-face.

(Sigh) Oh well. At least I still have the hair on my head. My brother Scott could grow crop circles on his face is he wants, but at 25 years old his head was bald as a cucumber. 

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Does anyone else have an aversion to opening their physical mail right away? 

I don’t understand it. I receive mail. I take it out of my mailbox, I bring it upstairs to my apt. And quite often I put it on my dining room table/ table I work from, or my coffee table, or my kitchen somewhere… and I just leave it.

It’s not like I’m avoiding debt collectors or subpoenas or anything that will bring me bad news. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me.  It’s like mail brings me anxiety.

But why would that be? Ugh. I’m weird.

I’m going to turn over a new New Year’s leaf. I’m going to put it in the same area every day.  An accessible area. And I’m going to go over it after work. That will be my ritual. 

Does anyone else have an unexplained aversion to opening mail?

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My first Lifehack- toothbrush

​So in case you’ve never heard of it, a lifehack is an solution to streamline a process, sometimes using everyday household items.

So my toothbrush always went through its holder in the bathroom. My toothbrush has no thick part to catch itself in the eide hole and let the brush dangle well. In fact, it always falls all the way and only the bristles make it stop.

See? (And yes, that’s Mona’s toothbrush lying on top on the thingy.)

It always annoyed me, would have to lay mine across also. But dammit, I have the toothbrush holder’s built into the damn wall. I’m going to use them, by gum.

I recently put tape around it in hopes to make it thicker so it would catch in the hole (You can see the tape on it) Didn’t work. It would need a lot of tape. 

I started to think of what else could I put around the toothbrush that’s thicker? A rubber band? A twist tie? Hmmmm…

Then a stroke of genius hit me! 

Those cologne bottles are standing there doing nothing. Might as well put those lazy effers to work. 

Lifehack… achieved.