July 4th I’m declaring my independence from being messy

So I have no plans on July 4th. My gf Mona is on vacation auth her kids, my uncle isn’t having a bbq here in Brooklyn. And honestly, asking to join someone else’s plans sounds exhausting. So I’m going to do something I REALLY need to do…


It is NOT in company mode and hasn’t been ever since Mona’s ex moved out of the house and I started going over there. Why would she ever come here when ahe has a full house, property, a garden, a deck, bbq, etc? 

I’m not saying she wouldn’t come over my place but honestly there’s no reason to.

Speaking of reasons, I need a reason to clean. As I live life,  I just don’t clean for me. I know that sounds irresponsible and immature, but it’s the truth. 
Well, not entirely. But with the weekend job dominating my time and energy one day a weekend and Mona dominating my other weekend time,  that’s out. And I’ve really not developed the muscle of cleaning after work on the weekdays. I have zero energy after working. 

Or maybe I’m just making excuses for being lazy. 

Now, ok.  I admit. My paradigm for cleaning my apt is that cleaning is done one time and it’s a comprehensive activity. But i think I really should always be cleaning a little so it never amounts to anything disastrous like it is now. 

Ugh. Change… even for the better and most logical… is tough. 

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My first Lifehack- toothbrush

​So in case you’ve never heard of it, a lifehack is an solution to streamline a process, sometimes using everyday household items.

So my toothbrush always went through its holder in the bathroom. My toothbrush has no thick part to catch itself in the eide hole and let the brush dangle well. In fact, it always falls all the way and only the bristles make it stop.

See? (And yes, that’s Mona’s toothbrush lying on top on the thingy.)

It always annoyed me, would have to lay mine across also. But dammit, I have the toothbrush holder’s built into the damn wall. I’m going to use them, by gum.

I recently put tape around it in hopes to make it thicker so it would catch in the hole (You can see the tape on it) Didn’t work. It would need a lot of tape. 

I started to think of what else could I put around the toothbrush that’s thicker? A rubber band? A twist tie? Hmmmm…

Then a stroke of genius hit me! 

Those cologne bottles are standing there doing nothing. Might as well put those lazy effers to work. 

Lifehack… achieved.