I Do Not Look Like Bradley Cooper 

So a new barber shop opened on my block. Just 4 short buildings away. Oh joy of joys! This is it! I can even get haircuts on my lunch break. Booyah!  Young -ish, hip guys working there. Perfect. 

As of 3 days ago, I’ve had already gotten 2 haircuts there. I guess how I’m describing how I want my hair to be cut, they hear “very short.”

So 3 days ago, I googled pictures of haircuts to show him what I mean. Short-ish the sides, more square-ish as it rises from side to top, with enough length on top that I can crumple it a little.

Boom. Bradley Cooper. 

I show my guy, Dirk, the picture, explained it,  he got it and went to work.  Here’s how it compares: 

Ok, it’s still too short and too rounded as it moves from side to top (ok I realize the shape of our skulls might have something to do with that. But whatever, he’s a professional.) Perhaps in two weeks when it grows in a little, it’ll be in the realm of Bradley. 


The Semi-Unkempt Look

I gotta say,  I’m getting better with age.  Or at least my hairstyle is. Now it’s just short with a little frizz up top.


That’s pretty popular these days but lemme tell you,  I’m liking it. Never the same two days in a row.

And it’s really easy to do. No more than a minute out of the shower.

In High School and College… before I discovered gel and I still used mousse to give my hair a little sump’n sump’n… wow that took forever.

I used a hair drier too. I would even bring one on vacation. Had to make sure they were all in place.
(Actually GRex High School graduation pic hair)

I tried to grow it long and slick it back for a while, but I’m way too cowlicky.

Short+hair gel+nondescript frizz= rest of my life (while I still have it, anyway)

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Facial Hair Verdict For Now

Ok following up on yesterday’s post about my facial hair. I’ve gotten feedback for both for and against.

Including non stop ribbing from the guys at dinner,  but they’re a bunch a bsby’s-bottom-faces even worse than me.

I’ve come to a decision that as long as I don’t have an interview (or a date) I’m going to keep it stubble length- the 1 clip on my trimmer:


This let’s it still grow but look relatively neat.

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My Facial Hair Experiment

My facial hair does not come in very thick. And it doesn’t cover the full beard area ie no hair comes in on the front of my chin and no hair connects the mustache area and the beard.

The thickest area is under my chin. Too bad I’m not Amish.

And some of the hair comes in light brown or even blonde.

When I’m working I would shave every few days because you can’t even see my 5 o’clock shadow. But being that I’m unemployed currently, I don’t shave fully unless I have an in-person interview, a date or anything formal. These last few weeks have been dry, so I’m growing. 

I keep it neat looking, shave my neck and trimmed the length once, a week ago.

I’m trying. I don’t want a big hipster beard, I just want some decent gruff.

Buuuuuut… I think it’s time to admit defeat. It’s just not in my genes. Best to just stay clean shaven all of the time.

You agree?