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The A-Team Coincidence

So today at work I had a great call with a co-worker who’s helping me with a project. At the end, I told him “I love it when a plan comes together” and he recognized it as a line from the TV show, The A-Team.

We both had a good laugh. 

Later, in Facebook, my friend Bob posts this picture from his neighborhood, saying that the A-Team must be in his town:

So naturally, a FB friend of his commented:


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My 3 year old niece throwing a tantrum might as well be a condom commercial

I was over my friend Darren’s house the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. I’m godfather to his 3 year old, Lauren and she normally loves when Uncle Rex comes over.

As I walked in, Lauren had found the ice pack that Darren’s wife, Judy, had been using on her mouth so soothe the pain from oral surgery the day before. Judy was asleep in the bedroom when I walked in. Lauren was running around with the ice pack, licking it. 

After I took my shoes off and said my hellos, Darren chased down Lauren and took the ice pack from her. And she COMPLETELY LOST IT. 

Screaming worse than I’ve heard in any horror movie, kicking Darren violently so much so that he had to lay her on the couch where she continued for SCREAM at the top of her lungs and pound the couch with her legs. I looked at Darren and simply said (with my best tv commercial voice-over voice)  “Are you sure you’re ready for children? If not, buy Trojans”

Of course it was. When one parent does something she doesn’t like… call for the other. 

Eventually, poor Judy woke up and got her. And of course, Judy stopped screaming within seconds. 

I’ve been around kids enough to have experienced this many times before. (Heck, I can guarantee I WAS one of them)

.) Kids getting the concept of not always getting their way is certainly a STEEP learning curve. And for ME to see it a lot, parents must get it all the time from some of their kids at certain ages… I know many reading this are nodding along. 

Now, I know there are infinite great things about having kids. But seeing this outburst makes me a slightly less sad that I don’t have kids of my own.

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Sneaking sushi into the movies

Yep. Not a sandwich… not a burrito… SUSHI. Ah 2016.

My friends and I were out having a few drinks then went to see the new Star Wars movie (eh.)

But there was a question of what to eat for dinner. My friend Smitty suggested we eat sushi, he knew of a decent sushi dive near a subway station near the movie theatre. “Ok, we can eat quickly there then go in,” I proposed. 

“No, we can bring it inside the theatre.”

“Excuse me, what?” Yep, it’s 2016 all right, where we’re now sneaking sushi into movie theatres. 

Smitty didn’t try to hide the bag, with its trademark smiley face on it. The usher said “What do you have? Food?  Any drinks?” No.

And in we went.  Who knew food from outside is allowed in? And as luck would have it, these were plush seats with retractable tables.

A new age is upon us.


When a Practical Stanger says “Hope to see you soon”

Ok, my ol pal Joe posted from the Mets game with his older brothers Ryan and Sven, who I knew through him when we were growing up but I haven’t spoken to either in probably 25 years. And I don’t talk to Joe anymore, just the occasional FB comment, and at a reunion every 5 years or so. 

I said hi to them on FB. Sven replies back with general greetings… then with a “Hope to see you soon.”

Now, unless there is MAJOR effort on his part, not only will I NOT see him soon, but I will probably NEVER see him again. 

Which is fine. 

Now, assuming he just said that to be polite… it’s still weird. There are infinite things he could say: Glad to see you’re good, say hi to the family or whatever. 

But a person whom I have never had a relationship with to say “Hope to see you soon”? That’s just creepy

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The Last of the Victory Steaks

Wow. I went out with a bang. The whole concept of “Victory Steak” came from my being unemployed at the same time as a friend, Spencer, and I said “I’ll enjoy that victory beer once we get jobs” then he said “how about victory STEAKS?”

And the Victory Steak was born. 

At this point, my gf Mona took me to one… then I took HER to to one.

And tonight, I took Spence out. When we first sat at the bar, we had beers. Yes, they had Victory IPA:

After the first beer, we sat at had our steaks: 

HOLY CRAP it was DELICIOUS. Filet.  Medium rare.

Now that’s a first class meal. $200+ with tip for two people. But i got the new job so i footed the entire bill. Can’t have those every week, or every month… but once in a blue moon is just right. Nice to treat myself occasionally to the finer things. I deserve them.

I’m very thankful for my new job.  I’m in my fifth week so far, doing well. Bring on the continued SUCCESS. 

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Great Win at Work + Sea Legs Coincidence

Hey all, 

So work, my gf and coincidences. That pretty much describes my blog (with a little snark throughout.)

So I’m doing great at the new job. I had a little different client inquiry to answer today. We had a phone call about it and my higher up asked me if I wanted to try it or let her take it because it was complex.  I said I’d give it my best but she’s proofing it anyway before it goes to the client. 

I did my research and wrote up what I thought the response is. She wrote this back:

GO REX,  right? (And she cc’d her boss too!)

I immediately took that screenshot and sent to a friend,  sayin:

Sometime later, I’m trying to get people to come with me to a friend’s music gig tonight. I texted one friend, Duncan. He responded:

So I guess he’s not coming tonight, and…

Waitaminute… he also used “sea legs” not an hour after I used “sealegs”? I NEVER hear that word/term used. Wow… what a COIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINCIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENCE!

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A Surprise Victory Steak

At some point I mentioned that a friend, Jackson, and I were unemployed at the same time and when one of us got a job he’d buy us BOTH a Victory Steak meal. It started as a victory beer but then it got manly. (Yes I know women like steaks too. It was just an expression. Geez.)

Jackson struck first and after a month of his new yob (sic) we went to a fancy place in Manhattan whose basement was an old bank vault. Cool. And the food was delicious. 

(Unfortunately due to some corporate bs Jackson has since lost his job. Cocksuckers!)

So I got my new job now. Things are going well and we’ll probably go for our steaks in a few weeks. However,  I told my steak-loving gf M0ona about those plans and she talked me into buying her one too. Oh okay baby. So that’s coming in a few weeks too.

Now, last Friday Mona took me out for a congratulatory meal. A surprise meal of her choosing. And wouldn’t you know it… Steak.

You know, I think I’m done with porterhouse. I’m going filet only from now on..I hate all that fat.

And also, they had burrata mozzarella for an appetizer. 

Yes, please. Thank you. Absolutely fantastic.

We then went to an outdoor bar by the water, listened to a fun band and even danced a little. Jackson and I have no plans to dance with each other over our victory steaks, so this one was extra special : )