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The Agents of SHIELD Coincidence

So here I am, watching the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD. I’m watching on demand which still has commercials. 

So at a commercial break, I go to the Agents of SHIELD Facebook page, and the last post on the page was a video of the SAME SCENE THAT I JUST WATCHED ON TV. This video was posted on their Facebook page only TEN MINUTES AGO.


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The A-Team Coincidence

So today at work I had a great call with a co-worker who’s helping me with a project. At the end, I told him “I love it when a plan comes together” and he recognized it as a line from the TV show, The A-Team.

We both had a good laugh. 

Later, in Facebook, my friend Bob posts this picture from his neighborhood, saying that the A-Team must be in his town:

So naturally, a FB friend of his commented:



The Everything Coincidence

So I was texting my “boss” who gave me the real estate photography freelancing job.  It’s my buddy, Ira. I was just telling him that I was done uploading pictures for the evening and he could download everything: 

Simultaneously, I was watching the Oscars and during a commercial for… whatever… someone said “trust is everything.”




The Shawshank Coincidence

Shawshank Redemption was on last night. Great movie, but I think I’ve only seen it three times. I posted on FB that it was on, and I watched ten minutes. 

At one point, Tim Robbins’ character Andy Dufresne asked the warden why he’s being so “obtuse.” Interesting word that I never use. I took note of it.

I look at Facebook and a bunch of my friends posted lines from the movie, one of which being:



The Bloke Coincidence

Quick one… I was going through my morning and just happened to think of an Enflish guy that I used to with. Not five minutes later, I went on Facebook and saw that he Liked my most recent status. 


He’s a “top bloke.”

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The 30 Coincidence… RIP William Christopher, MASH’s Father Mulcahey

Sadly, William Christopher passed away on New Year’s Eve 2016. He was best known for playing Father Mulcahey on my favorite TV show of all time, MASH. 

For a while in the early to late 80’s, MASH was always on in syndication at 11pm and I always watched it. I must have seen every episode 5 times.

Huge fan. 

Rest in peace, William. Thanks for the entertainment.

Now, on Jan 1, I was parked in Mona’s neighborhood in front of a random house a few blocks away, waiting for Mona to text me that her ex picked up the kids do I could go over. So I was listening to sports radio while tooling around on my cell phone. 

I remembered that William Christopher revived the Fr Mulcahey character for the MASH spinoff, AfterMASH. How long was that on the air? Hmmmm… I opened IMDB. 

On the radio, a commentator was talking about a player doing something for THIRTY games. At that moment I read that AfterMASH was on for THIRTY EPISODES!!!!!


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The Girlfriend/Batman Coincidence

This was weird…

So tonight, for the hell of it, I put on Batman vs Superman as I’m winding down tonight, getting ready for bed. 

Simultaneously, I was texting Mona good night. “Love you!” “Miss you!” “Can’t wait to see you!” All that good stuff. She mentions that she’s in bed watching tv, I said I can’t wait to watch tv in bed with her. 

Simultaneously… there’s a scene going on where Batman first meets Superman. There’s a quick confrontation and Batman asks Superman “Do you bleed? (Superman flies off and Batman says) You will.”


So I look down at my phone and I see this text from Mona:

(Meaning I will watch TV in bed with her.)

I swear to God, that just happened. Freaky, right?

I really can’t believe I created that instance of serendipity. I’m a wizard! A sorcerer!