The Maldives / Vik Coincidence

So yesterday I mentioned how I’m slightly obsessive about tropical islands because of my lack of experience with them, and was excited to see that my blog has visitation from New Caledonia.

An hour earlier, I mentioned to my gf that if I could teleport, we’d be going to the Maldives this weekend. (Teleportation came up in conversation, trust me.) To be perfectly honest, I only know that the paradisical islands, the Maldives, exist because an ex colleague of mine, Vik, went there for his honeymoon. Vik is really great, but I was never close with him and he’s never on his Facebook account. 

Anyway, I went on the blogosphere and found a blogger who lives in the Maldives. I read a few of her posts, such wonderful pictures. Damn right I followed her blog.

So, before I went to bed I checked Facebook one last time and who did I see on my wall? VIK!!!!!!! (he caught a foul ball at a baseball game, great hands, Vik.)


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The Dunkin Donuts Coincidence 

So I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning for a coffee and since I had nothing to eat yet, I bought 5 munchkins.

Fifteen minutes later, in the car listening to the radio, I thought how I was too stuffed from Dunkin Donuts. A second later, the radio personally announced a program sponsorship, saying that it was “brought to you by Dunkin Donuts.”



The Ex Coincidence

Ok… this is frickin NUTS.

Just today, I was thinking if an ex gf, Stacey, from, geez, 2004. It all started with thinking about my sister and her husband and how Stacey and I went on a double date with them. 

 Stacey and I had fun while dating. She even told me about this “Understanding Women” course given by the relationship seminar company. I did it and learned do much. We only dated 3 months. Stacey broke up with me because we were too different, yet we stayed in contact with the occasional email for a few more years (she even invited me to her wedding. I didn’t go.) Then we drifted apart. Now we’re FB friends. 

So today, I was thinking of Stacey, remembering fun times, wondering how she’s doing, etc. 

Now… this evening I was testing something for work where we had to create accounts using email addresses. So I created one with my work account amd one with my personal Gmail account. But I needed to create another account, so I used my previous personal email account, Hotmail, which I never use but is still active. 

So I go into my Hotmail so see if the account was created properly, and in my inbox I see AN EMAIL FROM STACEY! She was catching me up, she got physically separated but staying married, moved upstate. 

HOLY. CRAP. If I didn’t need to use my Hotmail for work I would have never seen it. But I happened to see it on the day I was thinking about her. 


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The Purple Coincidence

Yep,  the magic is back on my side. 

So I was watching a Mike Birbiglia stand up comedy special on Netflix. During his act,  her mentioned the book The Color Purple (I forget the context, but it was funny.)

Not one second later, Mona texts me a picture of our favorite spice that’s a different color than normal, and she writes:


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The Orange Coincidence

So today I went onto the office and in the kitchen, there were free oranges and apples. Dammit, I’m having an orange! 

I roll my oranges before peeling them because they’re much easier to peel. Then, i proceeded to peel it in one consecutive attempt. You see one continuous rind. No pieces.

That alone gets me excited  (I know, I know…I’m weird.)

Then I go on Facebook and here’s the first FB friend’s status that I see: 

Ok, sure that’s a reference to our President. I’m not backing that comment or criticizing it. I’m celebrating the fact that it mentions “orange” directly after I peeled an orange. 


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The Agents of SHIELD Coincidence

So here I am, watching the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD. I’m watching on demand which still has commercials. 

So at a commercial break, I go to the Agents of SHIELD Facebook page, and the last post on the page was a video of the SAME SCENE THAT I JUST WATCHED ON TV. This video was posted on their Facebook page only TEN MINUTES AGO.


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The A-Team Coincidence

So today at work I had a great call with a co-worker who’s helping me with a project. At the end, I told him “I love it when a plan comes together” and he recognized it as a line from the TV show, The A-Team.

We both had a good laugh. 

Later, in Facebook, my friend Bob posts this picture from his neighborhood, saying that the A-Team must be in his town:

So naturally, a FB friend of his commented: