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The Lobster Coincidence

Hey all, 

So I’m watching tv and a commercial mentioned lobster ravioli. 

Simultaneously, I was on Facebook and a FB friend at the US Open posted THIS




The Palm Coincidence

So I’m on Facebook and a friend posted that she’s watching the Marilyn Monroe movie “Some Like It Hot” and I thought of the song “Some Like It Hot” which at the moment, I thought was by Robert Palmer solo (it’s actually by a group he was in, Power Station.)

I was in the middle of commenting that I was thinking of the song by Palmer, and then,  at that moment… on tv, on the Mets game, the commentators were talking about pitching and mentioned the part of the hand, the PALM!



The Davis Coincidence

So tonight I was watching the Mets game as I was googling activities you do on Fire Island, NY (Mona and I are going next weekend.) 

I was reading about an activity in a community called Davis Park and right at that moment the baseball announcer mentioned a baseball player whose last name is DAVIS.


The Phone Call Coincidence

So here I am, trying to take a nap during lunch, but I’m not quite falling asleep. My mind wanders. “Did I put my phone alarm on correctly? It feels like it’s been a while since my nap started.”


“Hey, I wonder if my gf Mona will use her phone as an alarm on her cruise (she’s going on a cruise and her kids and friends this Friday.) Or can you call the “front desk” on a cruise you get a wake up phone call like you can in a hotel?”

And right at that moment, my phone rang.

That was EERIE.



The Rush Coincidence 

I was listening the the Mets game on the radio recently. During a station identification, they mention Sean Hannity whose show is syndicated on that radio station. 

So I hear Sean Hannity and I immediately think of his fellow conservative radio personally, Rush Limbaugh, and how a friend used to love him. 

Just as I’m thinking about Rush, the radio commercial that was on the radio for Dodge cars urged people to “rush to Dodge.”



The Maldives / Vik Coincidence

So yesterday I mentioned how I’m slightly obsessive about tropical islands because of my lack of experience with them, and was excited to see that my blog has visitation from New Caledonia.

An hour earlier, I mentioned to my gf that if I could teleport, we’d be going to the Maldives this weekend. (Teleportation came up in conversation, trust me.) To be perfectly honest, I only know that the paradisical islands, the Maldives, exist because an ex colleague of mine, Vik, went there for his honeymoon. Vik is really great, but I was never close with him and he’s never on his Facebook account. 

Anyway, I went on the blogosphere and found a blogger who lives in the Maldives. I read a few of her posts, such wonderful pictures. Damn right I followed her blog.

So, before I went to bed I checked Facebook one last time and who did I see on my wall? VIK!!!!!!! (he caught a foul ball at a baseball game, great hands, Vik.)


Coincidences, fun

The Dunkin Donuts Coincidence 

So I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning for a coffee and since I had nothing to eat yet, I bought 5 munchkins.

Fifteen minutes later, in the car listening to the radio, I thought how I was too stuffed from Dunkin Donuts. A second later, the radio personally announced a program sponsorship, saying that it was “brought to you by Dunkin Donuts.”