Worth bringing up to a coworker or not?

So a couple of us stepped up to watch another team’s queue of client inquiries through a different email box.

One of my immediate teammates, Jen, said how minding that emailbox in the afternoon would be difficult for her because there are only 3 of us, Jen, Michele and me, watching our own emailbox of client inquiries at that time and that “typically, Michele and (Jen) end up being the most aggressive in answering inquiries.”

Now, maybe I’m sensitive, but I think that makes me sound like I don’t do my job. Jen has a way of being too wordy and overly explanatory. I do have a project that I take an hour out of the afternoon to work on.  Perhaps she meant that but the way she said it needs work. 

I’m in a confrontational mood these days with what happened with Mona but this is work. Not sure if I should bring it up to her.  We all work from home so communication is sparse between us all anyway. 

But this is a woman who had a problem with my taking an hour to work on this project (when I would take it in the mornings) and didn’t say anything to me yet mentioned it to my boss.

I don’t want to be the guy who has drama all the time. 



Yes! I asked a valuable question at work! 

So these past couple weeks my boss told me that coworkers complained that I asked them questions to which I should already know the answer and was, in a way, wasting their time. 

We use Salesforce to track tasks and we have a new version and we have to get used to it. Things are on different screens and yesterday I realized that I hadn’t seen any particular tasks assigned to me lately. 

Should I ask coworkers where they are or shouldn’t I? How will it seem that I don’t know this? Back and forth, back and forth. Hmmmm….

Well, today on our weekly team call, at the end when it was “Does anybody else have any other questions?” I sucked it up and asked.

And it was a damned good thing I did. At least 2 others from my 5 person team was not aware of where to look. Maybe even 3 others.

YES! That felt like some nice redemption! I asked a good question! 

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Holy crap am I exhausted

I’ve been burning the candles lately. And not even for fun purposes.

Working that 9-5. It’s going well, though last week my boss gave me a bit of a warning. This week is just busy, trying to ask for help less unless I REALLY need it, but stressing if I really need it or not, or if I should just think more of how I can do it myself.  Then time goes by and I still have to ask for help. 

Sometimes I tried to figure it out or took initiative and it backfired. Ugh. I’m getting trigger shy.

Then I communicate to my team that I was taking an hour in the morning to work in a project and not to be disturbed.  After the team ok’d it my boss told me I shouldn’t be doing that after I was almost over anyway. 

And I’ve had a cold for a week.

And I’ve been working my side job taking real estate pics for hours on end on my only free day of the weekend and I come home exhausted and can’t move. My apartment is a mess but I have no energy to clean. 

At night I’ve been uploading pictures. Like every weeknight for a while since I put it off for a couple weeks. Except this week because Google Drive tells me that my memory is gone and I’ve been deleting and deleting but haven’t moved the needle. 

My sleep was effed 3 days in a row last week.

I’ve had two cold sores in the past month. 

My gf and I haven’t kissed in forever between cold sores, me sick, her sick before that. I haven’t been able to work by her office in a couple weeks.  That really gave us some extra time. And we only really have a weekend every other weekend together which blows. Ok on the alternate weekends we have Sunday for 5 hours but it’s not the same. 

And… We haven’t advanced cuddled in a month.

I’m at my wit’s end. Need some time do get shit done. And some time to relax. And just more energy. 


Warning at Work

So… my new job isnt so new anymore. 7 months. I am still learning every day, asking a lot of questions, stepping up for things and trying to figure them out. 

I mainly use one coworker peer Jane for questions. She’s very senior in the job. Knows everything. I prefer to talk on the phone when I ask questions. I try to make them “good questions.”


Well, I have a standing weekly call with my boss, Terry. Today, he brooched a subject by saying “This isn’t easy to say…”

That’s not good. 

Apparently, I have been asking questions to which I should already know the answer. I do tend to check with people to see if my reasoning is sound, or if what I’m doing is right. I didn’t think it was that much, or eating Jane’s productivity. 

But that’s what my boss said. Someone was concerned about her productivity because of ME.

Wow, that’s not good. 

Now, I’m not going to dispute her point of view. I think it’s exaggerated but whatever. I need to be mindful and confident that I know at least initial answers. It wasn’t really a warning. Just a heads up. 

But probably was definitely a warning. 

I’m a little perturbed that they haven’t been coming to me about it. Confrontational conversations are tough, I guess. I do feel kind of alone now.  I mean, I DO work alone at home. But I have no confidante. I thought I did, but no. I’m on my own.

Having a talk with my boss isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I did a few jobs ago early on. Set me on a better path. 

It’s all good. 


Proud that I Pushed Myself Working

So the friend whom I have a side job with taking real estate pictures didn’t want me to take anymore in December, said I was too slow and that he wanted to do a training day so I could see his tips first hand to speed up the process. 

That training day was to be this past Saturday. However, there was a big-ish snow storm in the northeast. So he cancelled it.

But I wanted to still try. He said I could if I wanted. But then the storm happened. Did I really want? I had to dig out my car, didn’t know how the roads were (had to drive 20 minutes here in Brooklyn,) it would be taking away from me and Mona’s only day this weekend (4 hours only), who knows how the parking was when I got there?  Plus it was BELOW 20 DEGREES! I had every right to not go. 

However, I do need the extra money. I’m committed to push myself.  To work hard. And Mona supports me. She had stuff to do too.

So I went to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. I chose a block that would be towards the end of my route to park. 

And I found a spot! Ok, step one done. 

As I walked to the beginning of the route, The wind was whipping on my face. “Ok, this is bad, I can turn around, go to see Mona.”

No, just get to the beginning of that route and see how it is. 

I got to the beginning. Looked familiar. “WAIT… I took this block of pics before! Ugh! Ok, NOW I could surely leave. Time’s ticking and it’s not meant to be.”

Wait, will leaving push my commitments forward? No. So I went to the next block of houses to take pics of.

And off I went. I wore long underwear and boots, and new gloves with the fingers that work in touch screens. I was prepared. And still, it was tough especially when the wind picked up. But I kept going. 

Another block.  Then another. Two + hours later, I started to not feel fingers and toes.  But I pushed for one more block. All the way to the water. This is the south shore of Brooklyn, which is on Long Island.

Ok then the cold got bad. I was by the water. Duh. Of course it got bad. But I was starting to feel it in my body. And just sore all over.

2 hours, 15 minutes isn’t 5, but it’s more than I’ve done in a while. 

I pushed, and I’m proud of myself for it. It was a good day.


Gratuitous Rex… Project Manager

No, I haven’t gotten a new job.  My title is still Client Service Executive. 


A few weeks ago, there was the monthly conference call with the larger Client Service team and the big dog asked for volunteers to help streamline all of the various client service teams’ toll free numbers. Now, the toll free number for my team comes to me anyway, so it seemed like a natural fit for a project I could sink my teeth into. 

So I volunteered. 

December became January, but today was the actual phone call about it. I’ll spare you the boring details, but the key takeaway is that I am in charge of a project. I own this. I STEPPED UP to own this, without really understanding what it was, but why not, someone had to (and I hear nobody else volunteered.)

I’ve worked with Project Managers before so this isn’t entirely new ground. Plus, ages ago I was an Office Manager and worked with phone vendors. So I have that going for me.  Which is nice. 

It’s a great opportunity to show off to management. I’m very excited for this opportunity. 

And a good resume builder. I’m not nervous at all. I have no concerns. Not that I have it all figured out, but I’m very confident I can get this done. 

Very exciting. 


A superior becomes a peer once they start complaining about the job

So when I first started at this job in July, a peer, Jane, was assigned to oversee my onboarding. Ok she was a peer but felt like a superior. Jane was responsible for my learning the job, she’s been around for 4 years. 

I still use her as my first point to answer questions of mine. We’re friendly too. I tell her a little about Mona too. It’s all good. 

Now I’ve been there 6 months now. We no longer have our onboarding calls. And today, she mentioned how she was unhappy with the job/ company. At that point, it was official: we’re equals. Superiors don’t complain about their jobs to people under them.