So Mona and I were in Starbucks and she was getting tea. We went through the line, I didn’t order anything. 

As we waited, I thought “Oh man, I should have ordered a coffee, I could use the caffeine.”

Right at that moment, a woman was served a small iced coffee… but she didn’t order it iced. So the barista went back to make her a hot coffee. 

And there it was. A free cup of iced coffee just sitting there. “Here I am, Rex. God put me here for you.”

Oh I grabbed it and pointed out to Mona that I manifested it. Oh Divine Beverage! 

The Lord/Universe/spirit works through me. Let’s see what else I can do : D

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Needing Grace and Receiving It

So I have a side job of taking external pictures of real estate. Not places that are up for sale, a listings company just wants to keep updating what everything in an area looks like. 

One of the challenges is the sun.  I can’t shoot directly into it obviously, though I CAN block it with my clipboard as long as I’m not impeding the view on the building I’m shooting. 

Usually, I’m assigned to long stretches along entire streets: I shoot all houses on one side, then I shoot the same stretch but the other side. If the sides face east and west, the sun will come into play and ultimately will slow me down when I’m facing it, and my friend pays me by the hour but needs me to go as fast as possible. He’d love me to go 2 miles per hour, but I usually go 1.4-1.6. Today, my first street was facing the sun and it was slowing me down and I was surly. Many things have been upsetting me lately and this was just putting me over the top and I was just grumpy.

But then, the subsequent batches of houses that I was assigned to didn’t face the sun.  For like 2+ hours, but when I faced it again but it was setting enough so it wasn’t a bother. 

Somebody “up there” threw me a bone, and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks, God/spirit/angels/universe/vibes… whoever the Great Mystery is. It’s nice to be blessed. 

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Does anyone else have an aversion to opening their physical mail right away? 

I don’t understand it. I receive mail. I take it out of my mailbox, I bring it upstairs to my apt. And quite often I put it on my dining room table/ table I work from, or my coffee table, or my kitchen somewhere… and I just leave it.

It’s not like I’m avoiding debt collectors or subpoenas or anything that will bring me bad news. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me.  It’s like mail brings me anxiety.

But why would that be? Ugh. I’m weird.

I’m going to turn over a new New Year’s leaf. I’m going to put it in the same area every day.  An accessible area. And I’m going to go over it after work. That will be my ritual. 

Does anyone else have an unexplained aversion to opening mail?



So, I think I can confide in you, good blog reader… I’ve hit a lull and I’m writing to out myself and get back on track. 

Now, of course things are going great with Mona, and the not-so-new job is going well too. However… I can see that I’m slipping in places. 

Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten fairly blah. I’ve been procrastinating on some tasks, getting anxious over things that really aren’t a big deal. I’ve indulged bad habits. I’ve forgotten good habits. I’m not taking online classes to better my skill set. I’m forgetting to do obvious things. 

I’m not me at my best. Sloppiness is my sabotaging my progress.  I’ve seen it happen many many times before. 

I’m not going to go into analysis paralysis and go into why I’ve gone down this path. The key is to realize I’ve started to slip and recommit. 

I need to (re)start:

-working out regularly 

-yoga twice a week/deep stretching

-practice on my piano keyboard


-positive visualizations

-always be aware of the grand total of money that I have

-be on a budget

-take vitamins

-keep my apt clean

-wear a wrist brace/elbow brace to rest them

-see a dr about my wrist (I may have carpal tunnel)


-look into another blog/website I have an idea for. 

-writing my daily wins 

-going to sleep/ lights out by 10:30pm

These practices produce a better G Rex. It’s time for this caterpillar to go into his cocoon.

Tally ho!

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First Real Paycheck in Two Years!!!!!

(This post is two weeks old) 

That’s right, you heard it.  I’ve worked two weeks, this Sunday is the end of the month… BOOM… Paycheck.

Now, I had a freelance yob (sic) last year but this is full-time work again and I’m SO THANKFUL to be back in my financial feet again. 

And I don’t have medical insurance through them yet (starts Sept 1) so it’s more than I will be getting once my insurance is all set!!


Welcome back my old friend! 

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Broken Mug, Fixed Spirit

So today was a bad day. Emotionally. I rarely get like that but searching and applying for jobs for months to no avail can be pretty draining. “My savings is dwindling. I’m going to have to take at least a part time job to start helping.  Or temping. Why haven’t I done that sooner? Oh Geez. I’m in a tight spot. It’s getting hard to not be mad at myself. What the fuck have I done to my life?”

You get the point. It was bad. Really bad.

And I was all ready to write an elaborate “woe is me” blog post. I hate to do that because that gives my breakdown life, and I hate to be negative in writing. So why write now? Keep reading, True Believer.

I asked God for a sign. Some sign. Preferably one to hit me in between the eyes and just tell me what to do. But signs are rarely work like that. I actually said at some point “Jesus take the wheel.” I’m not even very religious anymore. I am more spiritual. I’m sure God gets annoyed that people get religious in times of hardship.


So… at some point I was cleaning my dishes, and a mug that I was barely rubbing, rubbing it very lightly… the handle fell off.


I turned it over and it was the mug I got at my last company, the company that laid me off in 2014.

I started laughing. The mug from the company I no longer work for now no longer works for ME.

That gave me pause, it felt like the circle is now complete. Gave me any odd sense of closure. And the first thought that came to mind?

“Fuck them. THEY’RE the ones that fucked up. Not me.”

Gave me an odd focus. I then threw out the couple t shirts with their logo that I still have. Tomorrow I’ll throw out the rest of the shwag, I think I just have some thumb drives.

Now, I’m still going to be applying, interviewing.  I may even get that part-time job.  But I am definitely in a more powerful state of mind. Fuck them. I’ll show them I AM worthy of a job and a thriving, prospering, flourishing career. I do great work.  I have a high value.

Round 5. FIGHT!

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Triple Coincidence- Life, Relationships, TV and Facebook

You know, I think I’ve turned a corner in my life. Thank the Lord.

Things with Mona are flying along. Love love love. All you need is love. Love is all you need. It’s not perfect but it’s awesome. I’ll write about last night in my next blog post. Nothing related to an argument, just some slightly physically harmful yet fun wackiness. We’re ok. I think you’ll enjoy it, good reader.

“But Rex, aren’t you still unemployed?” Very true. Good memory. However, I’ve been very busy this month applying,  networking and interviewing. And even though I have not been hired yet I am happy with the new level of effort I’ve been putting in and with what results I have been getting. 

Heck,  I even have a former colleague/now CEO of a company putting in an endorsement to another CEO.

I can see the end result in my head.  It’s real, in there. It’s happening.

Now, you all know that I love a good coincidence.  I believe they’re instances of synchronicity in the world. One can almost say that the spirit is watching over me, giving me signs that it’s with me on this life quest.

Today, I had three coincidences:

1. A friend in FB wrote that he had to go a birthday party. And, as I read that, on TV I heard Walter White mentioning his own birthday party (yes, I’m catching up on Breaking Bad on Netflix with my Roku.)

2. Last night, Mona and I decided that we were going to a restaurant way out on Long Island called the Lazy Donkey.

Today, I texted a friend who lives in the area, asking if she’s ever been there. At that moment I get a random text from Mona, saying how much she’s looking forward to going.

And 3. As I mentioned I’m catching up on Breaking Bad finally.  On the final season now. Today, I’d just finished watching my second episode of the day and was going to watch a third. Then something inside me said no, you need to do this other thing. So I decided not too watch another.

At that point I looked at the Netflix screen, it normally puts on another episode after one ends after a ten second countdown or so. HOWEVER, when I looked up there was a message saying “Are you still watching Breaking Bad?” I’ve never gotten this message before.

No. No, I’m not watching it anymore. Thanks for the extra pause to confirm.