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I Uninstalled Facebook

So I’ve blogged about my constantly checking my phone or going on Facebook, and how annoying it is but I keep doing it. I work from home so I have a little more freedom throughout the workday and even then I find myself picking up the cell phone and going on FB.

Today, my FB app kept freezing over and over. That could have been a sign from the great beyond you get my shit together. So I did one better and just uninstalled it. See?

That’s where it was. 

Ok, I could still check FB from my computer but I NEVER go on from my work computer and my personal computer only gets turned I after work.

But… I still found myself picking up my phone just to look at it. Strange, right? 

Well, cell phone stimulus is known to cause a spike in dopamine in your system. Dopamine is not necessarily about pleasure anymore, but it keeps us seeking. Here’s an article.  Interesting stuff. 
Either way… Facebook has no place in my workday. It divides my attention and I’m realizing what a precious thing undivided attention is. 


Hello to more of the earth! 

( I’ve written about this topic before but not in a while.)

I’ve been blogging for three years or so.It’s really fun to write what’s on my mind, read what’s on other’s minds, comment, get in other’s lives. 

But what I didn’t know I’d like about blogging: international traffic. Dont get me wrong, I love the USA, but I think it’s really cool that people from all over read what I write. Even accidentally. 

My two newest countries? 

My penetration into that African continent is pretty low, so any new country is exciting, hello Mozambique! (though I think one of my semi-regular readers is in Nigeria, what is also awesome.)

Then there’s my affinity for exotic island nations. Perhaps it’s because my travel experience is rather limited and I’d love to experience fine, white sand and crystal clear water. So hello New Caledonia!

(And hello everyone else too. You rock as well. )

: D


My blog broke 1,000 followers! 

So this here blog has been open since Oct 2014, I believe.  It initially started as a comedy blog- pointing out weird things about life. Then at some point it got personal-  job search, dating, relationships, hard times, etc.

I never get more than 100 visitors a day, averaging around 70, I think. It’s nice to get picked up by search engines and two year+ old posts in particular keep getting traffic: 


And International traffic! No offense to my fellow Americans but reaching out across the globe is extra cool. 115 countries overall. Yes, many small/ remote countries have only brought 1 or low single digits in visitors (including the elusive Greenland)… and I will GLADLY take them. 

So now, I got this news today: 

I believe I have 1,002 in total. Go you guys! You’re the best! 

Thanks for reading about my job search, my relationship fun or just my wackiness. You rock! 

I’ve even met a few of you and transitioned off blog to texting with some. 

How long to 2,000? Blogging rules! 

Blogging, Coincidences

Blogger Coincidence/ I’m a Wizard!

So I left a note on a fellow bloggers last blog post from months ago, one saying she was going on a blog break. One of the first bloggers I blog-befriended. My comment was “you’re still on a break?  Booooo!”

Well, I received a reply saying:

That… is awesome. Look at that timing!


(She then followed up with…)



2 More Blogs?

So when i started this blog, it was a comedy writing outlet. I used to do stand up comedy and wanted a space to still post wacky stuff.

Eventually, it became a life blog: coincidences, unemployment (at the time)  and dating. Then it became random life stuff, coincidences and transitioned to relationship stuff instead of dating… 

BUT… i have some ideas for other blogs: one like a creative writing game like a Madlibs-type where readers participate… the other idea concentrates on my nerdy, sci-fi/fantasy genre discussion side. 

THREE blogs? Wow. Maybe I’ll set them up on my first weekend with no Mona where I’ll have extra time. 


Welcome back, Greenland and Iceland! I’ve missed you! 

Ok, I don’t go on my blog as much attention as I used to. I’m lucky if I post once a week. It’s still fun but I’m more all over the place mentally. 

However, I still do enjoy getting traffic from foreign countries (I’m in the USA.) So great that this is an easy way for people to communicate GLOBALLY. 

I’ve had visitors from Iceland but that was last year. None in a long while. And I’ve only had one from Greenland (those are definitely on my travel wish list.) For a long time that was my white whale. That too was last year… EARLY last year… and nothing since.  


Yes I’ve had visitors from many counties this month and I’m grateful for all… but I haven’t seen love from these two in a while.  

Welcome back, ol buddies.

(I used to be friendly with a blogger from the Cook Islands, which was AMAZING too (Also on my travel-to list) , but alas, I haven’t seen any activity from her in a while. I remember the blog name but I can’t seem to find it. Perhaps she deleted it. That sucks. Besides the fact that I got traffic from the Cook Islands,  she was a nice person : ( )