Bachelor Party and Wedding Reception Delayed by the Covid-19

I don’t need to give you the back story of this fucking Coronavirus or our reaction to it. Restaurants in NY state closed for anything but take-out. So much for my plans.

Ok, Mona and my wedding wasn’t until Apr 25 and yes who knows if things could change between now and then… buuuut it’s 5 weeks away and Mona and I had to make a call so people can change their travel plans and for rescheduling all parties in general: photographer, hotel for out of towners, dj, e.t.c.

So like that, my wedding reception is postponed.

Our MARRIAGE, however, is full steam ahead. We’ll get married on April 25 by her brother who took the online course. The party will happen some other time. We do not know where the marriage ceremony will take place yet, or who will be there. We picked up the marriage license from the county this week, so all we need are signatures by the officiant and two witnesses.

Ugh, the party delay both sucks and blows. We’re really upset. We had just finished plans too.

People try to “silver lining” it by saying that now we’ll have two dates to celebrate or whatever. I know they’re trying to help. I’m still unhappy. I haven’t had good luck at long term relationships up until this one… for reasons Im not going into now. And I finally got there with Mona. She may be high maintenance and needy at times but damn we are fucking amazing together. I fucking love that woman. I made it to being in love and building something great with a woman with a bright future.

Aaaaaaand along came Covid-19. Well, it can’t stop the Rex and Mona train. Just delay the party.

PS Today was to have been my Bachelor Party. It wasn’t going to be anything crazy like a trip anywhere. Just a big dinner with 22 guys then maybe a nearby bar. I have a cousin who was even flying in for it too.

That’s less of a disappointment. Still it sucks too.


  1. You know, Rex, it’s not the party…it’s the person. Oh hell yes I understand, you’ve both spent a shitload of money on the preparations for the wedding, and now this…………
    but..those who are telling you now you can have TWO anniversaries per year are right. Like me and my husband…we went to a judge, got married in civil court with just our witnesses (my best female friend, who I consider my sister, my two brothers, and my husbands brother and sister in law. Had a lovely dinner with just family afterwards.

    The next day was the reception, where we replayed some of the important parts…swearing our love and lives to each other, putting the ring on, that stuff. Then we had the party. It was fun. No ugly dresses, nobody waiting on us while we had a photographer chase us around. None of that rot, throwing the garter, throwing the bouquet…I know, some folks think that’s the way it’s supposed to be done. But it was OUR wedding, not just mine, and we went untraditional the whole way. It was jeans and T shirts for everyone. We held it at the gun club, for heaven’s sakes, with dead animal heads on the wall, coolers full of beer and wine, a skeet range if someone brought a shotgun (‘you know, the old ‘shotgun wedding’ wasn’t the case for me…but it was funny!) and coolers full of beer. Flowers were free and outside. The caterer serving salmon, roast beef and chicken.
    One of the things we did was introduce everybody, one by one (or as families) to everyone else. That way no one was a stranger anymore.
    By the way, I insisted the caterer and his staff eat, too. I’ve worked as a catering staff, and believe me, the richer the wedding couple, the lower they treat the ‘help’. We even had one Bridezilla forbid us from using the hall’s bathrooms. God knows what would have happened if we took a bite to eat.
    I had more people later come to me and say it was the way a wedding/reception should be done. Separating the legal beagle stuff from the real reason…the party was the best idea we ever had.
    So yeah, this shit sucks. But its okay. Please. You say you have had bad luck in the past? Well, there’s an old saying amongst race horse trainers, that you only get so much luck in your life, so use it wisely. Do you want your luck spent on the wedding itself? Or on the marriage? Your choice, my man.

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  2. Rex, I’m sorry to hear about the postponement of wedding festivities. The most important thing is that you and Mona will be joined in marriage (wherever that may be) and will be together through all the good and bad times. I wish you both the very best in your lives together. I pray you both will get the best wedding party once everything blows over, too!


  3. Hello, old friend! I’m happy to read that you are doing well. Unfortunately dealing with all the inconveniences of COVID, but at least you are safe. Hope the license stuff went well.

    I have a friend that just went through the same problem. Everyone’s delayed in every way but at least you two are solid in how you feel for each other. Take care!


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