Giving Up Control of my Bachelor Party

Sort of.

So I’m getting married in a little over 2 months. WHAT THE HELL?! I’m getting married! That’s awesome! And to Mona no less! Yes, we had a shaky first couple years but it’s been GREAT for a long while now.

And things are going great with the kids.

But… what about the Bachelor Party? To be honest, I have a lot of guys… like 22, when you add childhood friends, college friends, work related friends, family, Mona’s Male family… ugh a lot.

So with that large number and the short amount of time to plan it, I just want a big dinner. Preferably steak. In a restaurant’s private room so we can get a little loud.

I don’t need to go away, I don’t need strippers.

My Best Man is my brother who is in Ohio so he’s not going to plan this. Plus, I just didn’t feel comfortable with anyone else getting it off the ground. So I chose the date, cleared it with all the guys, found a place to have it in a great location for a lot of the guys. Now we gave to choose the catering menu options. I was talking to a friend, Bill, about options when he said “Let me do all of this for you.”

Truth be told, he’s said this before… a few other guys offered to help too. But I felt like I needed to get it started. Especially getting my randoms on board. And I did. But now?

“Yes, Bill, take this and finish it.” I gave him the names and numbers of everyone coming, even the random family and people he didn’t know. WHEW! Ok I’m ready to give up, give in and just attend.

Relieved to not have to work on this anymore. Looking forward to whatever they will have planned.


  1. COngratulations. May I make a suggestion? PLEASE don’t get hammered throwing up drunk, and don’t let your friends talk you into a drunken bash. ESPECIALLY if it’s the night before your wedding. PLEASE. Not only is it a dirty trick played too many times on the groom, but it is disrespectful to everyone..including YOU. Your bride, your family, your wedding guests, are NOT going to like seeing you eyes-like-pissholes-in-a-snowbank drunk/hungover the day of your wedding. You want to remember it, straight up and sober.

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  2. fair enough.
    I have a knee jerk reaction to what we used to call “stag” parties. As part of the catering staff, I well remember two weddings…one, where the groom, 19…was told he wasn’t a man if he didn’t keep up with a couple of pro’s at his bachelor party the night before his wedding. Like a lamb to slaughter, they got him so drunk that he was utterly useless the next day, puking his guts out at the wedding/ reception and making a mess of things. they thought it so funny, kept making fun of him at his own bloody wedding. What a shame.

    The other…as you might imagine, a guy at his bachelor party, called out as ‘chicken’ and a ‘pussy” when he said he didn’t want to drink too much, sooooooooooooooo, he did. Then his so called ‘friends’ (who were equally drunk) let him get into his car and drive home…only he didn’t make it home. And never married…
    Women don’t admire men who can drink a case of beer in a night. We don’t get that ‘competition’. We just think they’re stupid.
    So………..have fun, be responsible…and look GOOD on your wedding day. Good luck!

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