Overdue Cruise Follow Up

Geez I haven’t posted on my blog in a while.

Overall, the cruise to Bermuda was awesome. Mona got some news about her son when the ship was about to leave. Her son Bobby was with his father and he was going to be fine. It wasn’t terrible news just a shock but in the moment Mona wanted to be with him and if this were two hours earlier we may have canceled the cruise altogether.

But we went on with it.

We upgraded to a partially obstructed view balcony room. Obstructed by the lifeboats. But we were still able to get some great scenery (lifeboats cropped out)

Cruises are famous for being all you can eat. Even when not at a buffet you can keep ordering you want. We didn’t eat that much excess anyway.

The regular dining rooms were great. We chose to eat at any time, didn’t have to eat at the big tables with other guests at set times.

We also paid a little more and had two specialty meals, which were fantastic. One had an appearing menu when you brushed it with “magic water.”(Spoiler alert: it was plain water.)

We unfortunately hit cloudy skies and light rain while at sea but the weather in Bermuda was amazing. See?

I think that was the first beach with that kind of powder sand and clear water. We snorkled (me, badly) and just plain laid on the beach.

We also did some cave exploration and swimming too. Didn’t make it to the cities but those aren’t the big draws of Bermuda anyway.

On the ship we went to a bunch of shows too. Comedians, singers, small plays, a magician. Dance clubs too and a piano bar and a pub with a great guitarist/singer.

Things with us were slightly tense just because of the news about her son and not being able to be with him. Her Aunt Flow was in town too. But overall we made the best of it and had a PHENOMENAL time.


  1. I did that same trip and it was beautiful. I had a friend that actually lived in Bermuda and gave us a private tour for 2 days so we got to see things that normal tourist Didn’t. Did you go to the Crystal Caves? Glad you had a great time.


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