Ok… I’m going to Bermuda

Ok this came pretty randomly.

The longest Mona and I have spent together on vacation is a long weekend. 3 days. Well that’s about to change. FIVE DAYS. Ok that’s not much more, but it’s the longest I’ve ever been away with a woman I’m in a relationship with.


Mona is divorced and has a 10 year old son and a 7 year old girl. The only time Mo and I can get away by ourselves during the week is when Mo’s ex Fred takes the kids for an extended period of time. But he’s not about to take them on vacation just to please US. And he just started a new job so we didn’t know what was happening.

Mona and I were in the middle of planning a long weekend getaway to eastern Long Island when we were alerted that Fred is indeed taking the kids for a week. In 2 weeks.




Mona, bless her heart, jumped into action looking up prices and packages. Lo and behold… there’s a cruise to Bermuda out of the NYC area coming up with availabile rooms.

And we’ve been saving for vacation so this is paid for already. Including spending cash.


I haven’t been on a real getaway vacation in God knows how long. And I’ve never seen a pink or white sand beach with clear crystal blue water in my life.

Holy crap I’m so excited! I3ve been on a cruise 24 fucking years ago with the guys and I loved it. I’d go in a cruise to nowhere. I just love being on the ship. But Bermuda too? BRING IT ON!

Mona and I are doing really well. It’s work, there are occasional bumps but we work them out. I’m getting along really well with her kids. I swear the girl thinks she’s dating me too. She’s so cute.

The wedding is being planned and moving along.

Things at work are going well and I’ll be making more money this year than I think ever (when you include my side job money.)

Things are going really well for me and I’m very happy.


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