Yep you read right. I popped the question and Mona said yes.

I knew it was a yes. She helped me pick out the ring, even it in her grandmother’s diamond as the center stone.

On our dateaversary we always go to the same restaurant where we had our first date. This year I let them know I was coming so when it was time I gave my phone to the manager so she can get a video and some pictures.

She thought I’d propose later that night in our post-dinner plans so in the restaurant itself took her by surprise.

I know many of my blog readers had issues with Mona in the middle years, I blogged about fights. And she didn’t let me meet the kids for quite some time.

Well, she’s still high maintenance. And either i’m used to it, don’t mind it and or can handle it… but things have been largely great for a long time now.

And yes, the kids and I get along VERY well. In fact they’re feeling guilty liking me so much while still having a father. Mona and I are encouraging them to move at their own pace, it’s ok to feel weird for now and it’s also ok to have affection for others. We’re can love many people. But again, at their pace. No rush.

They’re very energetic kids, and they love to do things with me. It took a while for me to get used to the energy and constant attention that kids needs. Being a career single man it took some time to get used to.

The bottom line is that I’m very happy. We’re getting married on April 25 2020. I still can’t believe it. 5 years ago I was unemployed, had mhi dating prospects and thought I’d be alone forever.

Now: I’ve found the one, will move into the house and will be raising kids.


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