I’m at the new position and, yes, I’ve met the kids

(I posted this on Feb 14 but for some reason I can’t find it now so i’m reposting)

So I have not given my blog any love in quite some time. But as the title implies, things are happening.

My last post from early January “Do I Take the Job?” was about me possibly taking a new position at my company while I was interviewing for a new job at a different company. Well, I took the position at my current company and GOOD THING I DID.

The interview with the other company went well, but turns out the company is in a weird place filling for other positions too and didn’t really know how the position I was interviewing for would even look. They did like me but they had to do some housekeeping.

So the new position with my company was a little undefined too, but I went to the sales conference where we nailed it down and it’s been going very well. I have to definitely go into the office once if not twice every week, but that’s not awful.

I’ve still been transitioning from my previous position but that’s almost done. I’m now helping the sales team renew clients, which is a good tool to add to my career toolbox. I’m not making more money in my base but I’ll have a little commission so overall it’s more.

So that’s good.

So what else is going on in my life… (whistle) oh yeah… I’ve FINALLY MET MONA’S KIDS!

They were told all about me ahead of time. At that time, they were upset at the idea of Mona with a man other than their father, but they came around. So much so that the kids made a couple videos that Mona texted to me telling me how much they were looking forward to meeting me.

So when I walked in they were ready. And it went VERY well. Jake is 9, Sue is 6. Jake was right there when I came in and I said “Now… are you Jake or Sue?” Giggle giggle.

Sue was on the toilet in the bathroom at the top of the stairs… with the door open and she waved down to me. Not shy, that one.

So they proceeded to show me their toys and stuff then all 4 of us played hide and seek. We played board games, Sue gave me a Welcome Rex picture she made (she colored in a picture of a dog and wrote “Welcome Rex, from Sue” on it. I showed them some sound effects I can do with my mouth. We watched some videos. Sue called me the funniest adult she knows. Then we went to eat pizza and got ice cream. Then I went home.

Per Mona, I got good reviews. Jake said I’m nice and it’ll be good having another adult he can trust. Sue said I “have a nice voice and a nice face… very pretty.”

So I’m very very happy. Things are going well. I’ll see them soon and we’ll go to a museum.

Things with Mona have never been better. Back in the summer we were having issues and I suggested we take a break. I think that was a line of demarcation. After we worked out the immediate issue, it’s honestly been fantastic. I know over the years we had ups and downs and I’ve blogged about it and some readers thought I should have ran away from Mona. There have certainly been challenges and we’ve both done lots of work and it’s really paid off.

And yes, we’ve been talking engagement, marriage, etc. The ring will be coming soon. We’ve had discussions and she’s using a diamond from a grandmother’s pendant as a center stone so that saves me thousands of dollars. We’ve found a great setting to put it in, and are getting a great deal on it so I’m only paying $750 for it. And the wedding band will be similarly priced. I have plenty saved to cover those numbers, so WHEW!

Looking at my life, I can’t believe how it is compared to when I started this blog, in late 2014 I think. I was unemployed and VERY single. I’ve done a ton of work and growing. I’m very happy with my life.

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