Do I Take the Job?

So here’s an interesting turn…

I’ve been looking for a new job and have had no luck. Perhaps 3 phone interviews in the last 4 months. Phone interview being the initial interview with the HR rep. Perhaps one got to the actual hiring manager.

But nothing more than that.

Side note: I run my Fantasy Football league and the rest of the players I know from my previous company. Many have become actual friends.

So after the regular season was over, people pay me to pay the winners. After one guy, Dean, paid me, I emailed to say thanks. Dean is at a new company, he’s their HR guy. It’s a company that deals with a type of new technology companies use it to better their businesses. He sent pics from his company, playing games, happy hours, etc.

“Any openings?”

“Actually, yes.” He sent me the job specs, I think i’m good for one, an Account Manager position, post-sale client support, training, onboarding, championing clients’ concerns internally, working closely with sales in renewals. Most of that is very similar to what I’ve done in the past, though I’ve only mildly touched renewals. I gave him my resume. So I have an in person interview on Tuesday with him and two colleagues. I had NO phone interviews.

And since my pal is the HR guy, he confirmed that my $ goal of $12k more than I make in base salary is in their range.

Good, right?

End of Side Note.

I’ve been at my job/company 2.5 years. Although it’s a decent company, I’m not crazy about the industry. It’s the kind I’m kind of morally against, but I need money.

Yesterday there was a big meeting at my current company. A new boss is in town, some restructuring. I still have a job.


Some new types of positions are opening up, one of which is a Renewals Specialist, working with Sales to renew accounts. It has minimal client contact, working mostly with our sales people. But renewals is a good part to learn. And although the hiring manager already has someone in mind, I have first rite of refusal.

However… it makes the same base money I make now. Yes, it brings in some kind of commission on renewals but details aren’t available yet as to how much and how often.

And the hiring manager needs to know by MONDAY. And my interview with the other company is TUESDAY. Of course there is no guarantee I’ll get that other job.

What. To. Do.

Since my interviewing success hasn’t been great… I’m thinking I should take this “bird in hand” job at my current company and still go on the interview with the other company on Tuesday.

And if I get that job, which I want more than the job at my company, I’ll leave the job at my company. It may piss the hiring manager off. I get that. But I don’t see another way. I can’t not take the job at my company in hopes that I get the job at the other company.



  1. Tough call. I would gladly give up my current job for my dream job although I still have no idea what that dream job is. It is tough to leave another job you know well for a new gig, especially if it’s a better one than the job you do know.


  2. The days when you could expect to work for a company for 40 years went away a long time ago. These days companies…for instance, GM, will cut you off at the knees and throw you into the trash without warning and without a tear. Meaning, they don’t really give a rat’s ass about you as you are merely (I say that gently) labor. As one commenter said, you only owe loyalty to yourself. Go for the interview and then choose. I assure you, the hiring manager has seen it before. And good luck.

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