Free Concert Lightning Struck Twice! Farewell, Elton John

So in October I blogged about my Uncle Pete’s gf not feeling well so he gave me two tickets to the Paul Simon concert that he originally bought for himself and her.

Well… last Thursday I got a phone call from him around 530pm. “Rex… I know it’s last minute… Do you want to go to the Elton John concert tonight at Madison Square Garden?”

I’ve seen him before… in the 90s. But this is his last tour, supposedly. This time the invitation was to go with Uncle Pete. Sally isn’t feeling well still and can’t make all those stairs.

“Hell yeah, Unc!”

I’d been thinking that it was too bad I wasn’t seeing Elton John in concert this time around. So VOILA!

Seats were fine, same section just 9 rows behind where we were for Paul Simon Concert.


Candle in the Wind

I feel bad for Sally that she has health issues. And I feel bad for Pete that he’s not doing these things he planned to do with her. That said… I’m pretty damned pumped.

Elton played everything of his that I’d want to hear but two songs:

Empty Garden and Circle of Life.

Honestly, Empty Garden is my favorite song of his. It’s about John Lennon. The full name is “Empty Garden (Hey, Hey Johnny)”

Take a listen:

That aside, I’m very very lucky to have these fall in my lap. I wonder what’s next. Hmmmmm….


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