Paul Simon and the Green Glow in the Dark Jacket

(Originally written over a month ago) So I got a phone call today around 11am. My Uncle Pete. “Rex, would you like to see Paul Simon tonight?”

Paul Simon! A legend! I’ve never seen him in concert. I don’t go out of my way to see musicians often but if they fall in my lap, I’m in. Even though I can’t say I’ve owned any of his albums (besides greatest hits, both solo and with Garfunkel) I’m a fan. A lite fan, I suppose. Supposedly this is his last tour. He IS 76.

“Hell, yeah, Uncle Pete!”

Turns out Pete’s girlfriend, Sally, a mysterious woman whom he’s been with for over 3 years, is 20 years younger than he is but never comes to any family functions, is having awful pain in her legs since last night and is in no shape to go to the concert. So he had two tickets for me. Why he didn’t want to go with me, I don’t know.

Mona could not go so I took my childhood friend Sam. Sam is an amazing pianist, music lover, a lawyer and a good man.

So I met Sam on Manhattan for dinner (Hooters!) then the show at MSG.

Decent seats, second row of the 3rd tier of seats (the floor being the first tier.) He opened with his song “America” which seemed appropriate given how divided we are these days. When he spoke to the crowd you could see time is catching up with him. However, he still puts on a great musical show.

Wait… what’s that? In the crowd? On the floor there’s a person with a… jacket that’s… glowing in the dark? Glowing GREEN. That’s… weird.

What is that about? Why would anyone wear that to a concert? Ok, it rained that night, sure. Ok it’s a rain coat. Still kinda weird to have one that glows in the dark like that. Very strange to see that at a concert. I wonder if he realized he’d stick out like that

All. Night.

Paul Simon was great and all, singing, guitar, last tour, yadda yadda… but…

That glow in the dark jacket.

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  1. Funny how musicians just keep going and going. I think American casinos exist in order to give aging musicians from the 70’s a job. I saw Simon’s last concert on TV. His voice is shot, poor guy. Which is a shame, because Simon and Garfunkel were an incredibly talented duo when I was in high school. I have yet to hear better harmony. When you heard them singing, it was like one voice, not two. And the lyrics!! Boy, howdy…they were poets.
    I believe Garfunkel is still alive, but from what I gather, he’s pretty bitter…still…about the break up.
    You’re right about Mr. Chartreuse jacket. Woof. These days, no way in hell would I wear something like that in a crowded hall. Talk about a target…

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