I Haven’t Blogged in Ages

Ugh, I’ve neglected this here blog that I’ve worked years to build and nourish. Sorry about that. Things have been crazy… in a good way… mostly.

I’m still working for the same market research company in client services. Just under 2.5 years now. Still working from home, though I am struggling with not checking my phone all the time while working. I cut back occasionally but it’s a constant struggle.

Work is going well, sorta. I’m well regarded by many clients, salespeople and peers. Yet I tend to get frenetically busy doing smaller immediate tasks and miss deadlines on projecty things that I can miss without immediate consequences. It doesn’t even seem like it gets noticed by my boss. But I’m sure he does and will bring them up to me eventually, if not my annual review.

I work late most days, catching up on work or prepping a presentation or what not. But I feel like I’m always playing defense. I need to be sharper at work. Crisper.

I need to be boss’ ace and focus more. My mind tends to drift often and I have a hard time working only on a task for an extended period of time without seeking distraction. I need to give my absolute best each day, not just get by.

I’ve been sending resumes out too, and asking many people to refer me to connections at companies. I’ve had no bites in ages. Not an interview in probably 5 months. Ugh. And Mona is not happy about that.

Yes, I’m still with Mona. We go through lengths of time where it’s great. Recently we went to the north fork of Long Island… then the south fork the following weekend. Spent some great times at home too, cooking, watching TV, dancing around and being silly. I even painted her fence and power washed some of her house. We really are fantastic together. I love that woman so much.

And yes… there are infrequent times when it’s… sub-great. Our communication isn’t always as good as it could be, sometimes we do things that rub the other the wrong way and we impulsively lash out quickly then have to do damage control. On both sides, she and me. My temper can be pretty explosive. Couples fight, I get it. It gets to be too much when it’s too much, right? We make up pretty quickly.

Then my lack of success in my job search is a problem with us. I need to make $10-15k more annually. That would help ease this transition, especially since commuting alone would be a big expense if I changed to an in-office job and we got married and I moved in with her on Long Island.

No, I haven’t met the kids yet. For all of you Mona haters, the decision to not introduce me to the kids is not Mona’s but the therapist who has her fingers all over that family… Mona, ex husband, kids… now me. The therapist is very protective of the kids. She’s not convinced that Mona and I are together forever and doesn’t want to introduce me until we are in that frame of mind, not necessarily engaged but when engagement is imminent.

I’m still working my part time job taking external pictures of houses. That gives me an extra $4-6k a year off the books. That helps a bunch, I’m saving money and I’m still out of debt. Taking pics takes up a day on the weekend like 9am-6pm then I need a few hours more to upload the 1,000+ pictures to a website where my friend can download them to give them to his client.

So yeah, between working late for my regular job, working my part time job, trying badly to keep my apt clean, looking for a different full time job and Mona… my mind has not been on blogging.

Hopefully something will shift soon and things will get easier. The big shift I need is a move in my full time job for more money. That’s number one. I could give up my part time job eventually (though it would be hard to give up extra money) so I would get time back to do other things.

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