Random work contest equals free gifts for my people

So I won $200 at work today.

We have a contest, a random drawing of our names for every sales lead we’ve submitted. I tend to submit a few every month so I have my name in the “hat” a few times. Granted, I don’t generate those leads, they usually come to me on the phone. I answer a general phone number and sometimes people are looking for more info about our products.

So my name was drawn and BAM $200 is mine. It has to be given in the form of an online gift certificate so I’ll choose Amazon. There are always gifts I’ll buy people through Amazon for the holidays.

(However… just the other day I was telling my friend that I wanted to buy something expensive and frivolous like Macallan 18 Scotch, which is over $200. But, that’s got quite responsible. Plus, there is no online gift certificate for booze. I mean there probably is but I wouldn’t be comfortable telling work to buy ne a liquor gift.)

So boom, there it is. I’ll put it to good, productive use for gifts for others. Thank you universe for bringing that my way!

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