So hooked on my phone

Ugh. I’ve been picking it up and looking on something so much lately. Facebook, text, email, banking etc.

I know there is an addictive quality, like dopamine addiction.

Ok, Samsung and Verizon are the the bosses of me. I’M THE BOSS OF ME.

This does down dramatically RIGHT NOW.


  1. Put the phone Down. Step away from the phone. It will attempt to get you back into it’s clutches.
    Resist it.
    Do what I do…… a book. Our lives are so very short, why waste time on a phone when you can be learning something new, or gain new insights from a novel you read years ago, or even just enjoy the pictures?


  2. Thanks for reminding me to check in on my Forge of Empires accounts! I limit myself to lunch times, and honestly, Facebook is making itself disappear in my world. Just losing interest in the whole high school clique mentality there.


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