The Bagel Coincidence

So I ran out of oatmeal and I went to get a bagel this morning. While standing in line, I get a random text from an ex coworker of mine, that he’s in a particular store in Manhattan and thought of me.

Which store? A BAGEL store!!!!!



  1. You are lucky. You live in bagel land. I live on the west coast, where the grocery stores call white bread shaped into a tire (with the same consistency) a ‘bagel”.
    I lived in NJ for about six months. Every weekend I would take the bus into Manhatten and just…wander. It took me a while to screw up the courage to ride the subway. What the hell, I was a girl from the Midwest who’d never seen a building taller than the bus I rode in on. I remember looking up and up and up at the World Trade Center. Believe it or not, I still have some of the tokens, a little brass coin with a Y punched out of the middle.

    What I remember…and miss…about NY AND NJ was two things: the bagels and the subs. I can’t remember what they were called. Grinders? Hoagys? Anyway, I’d get a killer sub at the shop next to the bus stop, eat it while I was on the bus, and then when I got into the City, I’d buy a few hot, fresh bagels and that would be my snack, whatever for the rest of the day. Taking a long bus ride home in the evening, even after a few hours, the bagels were great. No…no lox. Couldn’t afford it, and honestly, again, being a Midwestern girl, raised on roast beef and potatoes, ‘lox’ was just too exotic.
    My god they were good. I still am amazed that bakeries out “West” have the audacity to call the things they produce ‘bagels.”

    But now I do eat ‘lox’. except we call it ‘smoked salmon” and I love sockeye the best.


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