Can’t help a friend get a job that I’m also interviewing for

So this week I had the initial HR screening interview at my company for a position that opened up that is the natural next step for me. It’s still in corporate client service but it’s focused on certain clients only, giving them special attention rather than my current position where I respond to every client at a less involved level of attention.

The interview went… Ok. The HR person dropped that the hiring manager (who used to be my boss) is looking for people with specific degrees, which I don’t have. And she’s looking for another level of consultative service than what I’ve given before. I DO think my skills are completely transferable and I could do the job, but she’s looking for existing experience, less of a learn on-the-job thing. Ok, I’m still in the running. We’ll see tomorrow if I go to the next round.

Now… I got an email from a buddy, Doug. I worked with him literally 20 years ago. After we met back up inn Facebook a few years ago we had drinks twice too. Doug was in my old industry and was successful.

But he was let go in February and is still looking and saw a position at my company he’d like a referral for.

No problemo, Doug bud. I know this drill. I’ll help in every way I can. Happy to do it. Send me the link fot the job opp.

Wouldn’t you know it, it was for the same job that I interviewed for.

I explained that to him and also gave him the scoop about the degree that’s needed (which he doesn’t have either, but whatever) and… I can’t help him get a job when I’m still in the running for the same job.

Oh well. If I don’t move onto the next round, ill readdress it.

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