I’m not a smart man (forgot to call her on her birthday)

Ugh, I’m an idiot.

So it was Mona’s birthday recently. We have plans to celebrate tomorrow, secret plans to her (though I’m sure she knows what they are.)

I spoke to her the evening before her birthday and made sure to tell her happy birthday. On her birthday, I texted her several times with fun memes or just random “happy birthday” stuff.

But I didn’t call.

As we texted our good nights I realized I should have called her and mentioned something but she was simultaneously letting me have it. She was dumbfounded and ultimately hurt that the man she loved and supposedly loved her back didn’t reach out to call her on her birthday.

This one is clear as day. My fault. Maybe it was because with all of the texting it felt like we spoke, or the fact that we spoke the day before like I had already spoken to her. Maybe subconsciously it was an eff you you her since we’ve been fighting more than normal recently.

Who knows? But its Relationship 101 stuff: call your girlfriend on her birthday.

Ugh, I’m a dope.

We eventually got on the phone and talked it through. Didn’t really arrive to a place where she was ok with it but we did out due diligence.

I’m sure this’ll be put in The List for a long time.



  1. Ay… do better next time. Texts are no good. Phone calls better. In person best. I know based on comments that wasn’t possible so just do a lot of ass kissing and learn from the error.
    I won’t give you a hard time about the kids… but I agree. This coming from someone who is the Mona in the relationship. Me and Captain = 3 years. He’s been a great bonus to them. It was nerve wracking and intimidating at first and now it’s pretty damn awesome. I wish you guys the same. It’s beautiful to be able to merge the two sides of your life so that it doesn’t constantly feel like you live separate lives. (Meaning the one with the kids.)
    Again, our two cents… we don’t know your relationship and what you guys need to function. You do what’s best for you. xo

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