Attacked by my sister’s dog

Hi all. I haven’t written in a while. Things are moving fast and blogging has gotten deprioritized. Nothing major has happened, though, except…

Ok. I drove to my sister Katie’s house recently for her daughter, Becky’s high school graduation and when I got there, only Becky was home. I get out of my car in their driveway, and she’s just inside her screen door and her mid-sized dog, Fluffy, is there moving and barking.

Side note: I only met Fluffy one time the weekend my sister got married and it was definitely the type of dog that has to get to know you a bit before being friendly. I had forgotten that part.

So Maggie says “Hi Uncle Rex! I’m going to release the Kraken!” and then she opens the door and out runs Fluffy. I hold out my hand so it could smell me.


As it approaches it’s not slowing down and it starts to growl.


Now, I can’t quite give every step a to what happened over the next 15 seconds or so, but THE FUCKING DOG ATTACKED ME. It just kept coming at me. I got bit twice on my right forearm just above my wrist and mainly my right leg, below my knee in two places, the front of my knee and just above my knee and my upper thigh on the front and on the back. Some scratches on my left leg too.

It hurt as it was happening but I was just trying to kick the dog away enough to give me a chance to run. Becky is a slight 18 year old and I’m not blaming her for not grabbing the dog. Its a tough, sudden situation. But she was screaming “RUN UP THE DRIVEWAY! ” and I eventually got some space to run away far enough that the dog’s electronic collar would prevent it from coming further.

Becky ran inside got towels for me to stop the blending, my forearm was the most pressing wound.

Luckily my sister and her husband, Doug, are both doctors and came home soon and tended to my wounds.

Becky didn’t know the dog needed a slow introduction to people. She felt awful but I told her it wasn’t her fault and that dogs can be unpredictable. I didn’t want her blaming herself.

My sister’s reaction, though, seemed very cold to me. She’s always been like that, tough exterior and thinks I’m too emotional and soft. So she didn’t gush but she did say she was sorry, the dog was defending Becky, etc and then Katie moved on rather quickly, in my opinion, to figuring out how to deal with this situation on logistical level, where to put the dog when I was there, etc.

It was a big weekend with family in town and activities. I get it. And I needed more from her that I didn’t get.

I was supposed to stay there so she said she’d try to find a hotel room and pay for it because I did not feel safe.

But first she tried to reintroduce the dog properly to see if she could get us relating well. This would obviously help her situation HOWEVER on two separate attempts, Fluffy started to lunge and howl at me.

Fuck this dog. Ugh. She couldn’t find any hotel rooms available. Her town is a college town and because of an event there were no rooms available.

LUCKILY, my parents were staying at a hotel with a suite with a pull out couch. So there I slept for 6 nights, with a front row seat to my parents loudly dealing with being old, which is a blog post for another time.

Meanwhile, my sister never brought up the incident again, her husband changed my bandages, and we went to the high school graduation events and other activities as planned. When I was in the house they made sure to have the dog in the basement. It barked a lot and Katie and Doug tended to it a lot, which took them away from their company. They should have just kenneled the asshole dog. Or killed it for all I care. But it “never acts like this.” Whatever. Dog people are crazy about their dogs.

My dad drove my car for the next few days then I took it back when the ace bandage came off my hand.

Seven days later, I’m home but not 100%. I have 85% range of motion back in my right wrist with some pain when I push it, plus the bruises around the cuts are still there.

I’ll keep getting better this week. We’ll see if there’s any lasting effects.

Fuckin dog


  1. 😳 I don’t mind dogs, but I really hate irresponsible pet owners. It’s not the dog’s fault; they’ve allowed her to be that way without consequence. Hope you make a full recovery.


  2. I think if you reported these dog bites to the authorities, Rex, they’d make them put Fluffy down. This is serious stuff. What if the dog got out and did this to a kid passing by? Holy crap! I’m a dog lover, but I have no place for dog owners who don’t side with people over their pets.

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  3. Maybe one time you can let that slide – new situation and all. But if that dog bites anyone again it ought to be euthanized.

    Could have been a fashion thing too. Dark socks with shorts? Maybe the dog was telling you something. 🙂


  4. If you incur any medical costs for this, I would forward the bills to your sister. She is clearly downplaying this episode in the hope that you let it drop and pretend it never happened, but shit, that looks like he really had a go at you!!!


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