Cancelled interview and paying it forward

So I had an interview scheduled for today. I got it through a referral by a friend’s friend. Basically I saw the position and asked a friend, Gary, who knew someone at the company, Steve, to send my resume to that Steve in hopes that he’ll get it into the right hands for the interview.

My pal Gary contacted Steve like two weeks ago.

Then last Thursday I get contacted by HR to set up an interview. We did, for today.

I prepped for the interview this weekend and Monday.

Monday night an ex colleague, Al, asked me to refer him for a position at my current company. I barely know the guy but that doesn’t matter. We all need help.

So this morning I start work and as my day started, I was notified by the HR person at the company I was interviewing with that the position has been filled internally.

Well that sucks. Back to the drawing board.

But I still followed up internally about the referral for my ex colleague. I got the appropriate steps and let Al know how to apply so my referral is noted.

I can use some good juju.

Let’s stay positive Onward! What great stuff does the universe have fur me? Lets do this!


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