I Need a Vacation from my Vacation

So I took a vacation day this past Monday… but I worked my side job… walking around Queens NY for 6 hours, taking exterior pictures of houses. My goal of 20 billable hours per month were cut short in January and February due to weather. Plus, I have extra vacation days from last year that I needed to burn before the end of March, so why not take them and earn some more money?

The only “go somewhere” vacations I’m going on this year are to go to one niece’s graduation, another’s play and 4 days off with Mona somewhere. Between them all that means, probably 7 days of my 15 days taken. That leaves me plenty of time for more vacation, interviewing for the next step in my career or taking days off during the week to take pics to make up for the weekends I’m missing.

Geez, I aspire to being someone who actually goes on vacation on all of his vacation days. Working the other job makes complete financial sense. I’ve got a savings to build and an engagement ring to pay for (you read right.) But we get vacation for a purpose, to forget about life for a while and re-charge. I need some of that.


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