I May Need a New Accountant. Tax Facepalm.

So I got my tax returns back from my accountant. He mailed them back to me. I really don’t have time to pick them up with my weekend side job so ok, fine, mail.

So… my returns said that I’m receiving $2,300 from State (sweet) and I owe $5 to Fed.

Thats odd. I don’t know why, but it just is. Maybe it was the extreme disproportion. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me. So like an idiot, I called up and left a message with the receptionist asking for my accountant to call me back. I realize that sounds like I don’t think he knows how yup do his job, but I went there.

(Some back story:

1. This is my first year getting my taxes in the mail. I’ve picked them up every other year. So I’m used to someone briefly going over it with me. And I guess I need some TLC.

2. Last year the return I got from the Fed was not what my accountant said I’d get. The check was for less money. Apparently there was a mistake on his side somewhere in the preparation. So ok maybe I got that in my head.)

Sooooo… my accountant did NOT call me back. Instead… I got ANOTHER version of my tax returns in the mail. But now… I’m getting $350 from Fed and $250 from State.

OH COME ON, MAN! I didn’t need him to rerun the damn things! Just call me and say “I got this. Yeah you owe $5 to the Fed” and I’d be happy.

And $1,695 richer!

PS I’m waiting for a PHONE CALL again. I really don’t want to breakup with my accountant. I’ve been with him for 20 years. Hope he’s got anoher trick up his sleeve.

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