I miss having a “lunch hour”

My work hours changed recently. Ok not the hours, but the tracking of the hours.

For some odd reason, I’m hourly. It’s a corporate job, I’m expected to work 9-5, yet I have to clock 2 in and out. Actually, they’re losing money us because because I occasionally get overtime whereas if I were salaried I’d be working late anyway for free.

Now we have a new system of tracking our time, so management took the opportunity to address lunch.

9-5 is an 8 hour day. And to keep those hours, technically I can’t take a lunch.

I used to be able to take a full hour away and, obviously, I liked that. When I was a beginner at the company, the tenured people encouraged me taking the hour. I’d do everything from buy/eat lunch, did errands… I’d even nap.

It was awesome.

But now Management is cracking down and if i did anything other than go into the kitchen to get/ heat up food… if I have to leave home to buy food… I have to clock out then in again, then I have to work early/ late to get that time back to make 80 hours every 2 weeks.


Yeah I know many have it that way. It’s just a change that introduces less convenience. I do think people benefit from a full break from the work. This overwrought working at our desks while eating lunch just sucks my soul.


  1. It was a bit of a culture shock for me when I worked at a bank once. I was used to clocking in and out for shifts and for 30 min breaks. Going to a bank well I had to fill out a timesheet mark the times that I started work or when I went to lunck or 30 mins breaks. Both will crack down if you clocked in early or they check to see if you were ready to work at the time you filled on a timesheet. I’d say the rules, crackdowns, or even the idea that people taking advantage of these situations are exhausting.


  2. My outfit does what Floyetha’s does. We work 8 – 5 with an hour lunch. If I have something in the lab to test I’ll be in the company office. If I have no test commitments, I can work from home if I choose, same hours. And no clocking in/out. Just submit my daily hours into an SAP app. OT? Nope – we’re salaried. Such fun.


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