Welcome back to my blog, Iceland!

I haven’t mentioned this is a while… one a my favorites things about having a blog is readership from other countries. I think it’s just so cool that I can write things that are read ALL OVER THE WORLD.

See, I have many, many fantasies of traveling the world, places I’d love to travel to given the opportunity: Italy again, South Pacific, the Budapest/Vienna/Prague trifecta to name a few.

And then there’s Iceland!

Oh Iceland, hear this. One day I will enjoy your Northern Lights and the geothermal lagoon.

Now, blog visitation from Iceland is RARE… perhaps it’s the language barrier. So when I get an Icelandic visitor, I’m EXTRA happy with my blog.

So…, welcome Icelander! (and if you have any friends in Greenland, send them my way. That’s the true white whale of international blog visitation, though I have had one, maybe two visitors from G-land in my day)


  1. Lots of countries have limited to no internet privilege. I have an American friend in China who gets to email once every few months. My grandfather was stationed in both Greenland and Iceland though. Beautiful countries.

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