Routine vs Injury. Hand Issues

Background: Years ago (like 8), the use of my left hand started dwindling a bit. The fine motor functions of my fingers is tight and there’s a loss of motion. It feels stiff and thick in the pads by the knuckles. I can’t type with it anymore. Doing buttons is tough, carrying in that hand is tough. Finger grip is weak.


I’ve been to quite a few doctors: My GP, a hand surgeon, a neurologist. Nobody has any good treatment for it. They think it’s a neurological disorder.

However, there’s something going on with my elbow and forearm too. I tell them and nobody listens. Ok there’s no pain but it feels… tender… tense… tight… different from my right arm. Something’s not right.

I fidget with my fingers a lot, especially with my left hand. Lots of over activity.

I also lean on that elbow a lot throughout the course of the work day, im armrests, the table, etc. Even though it gets uncomfortable in the area, I sometimes stay in that position. It’s unconscious.

And to top it all off, I often find myself sleeping on that side, pinning the left arm in all sorts of odd positions.

I need to do what I can to see if I can reverse the damage myself.

OK for the sake of my health, I need to go through conscious efforts to be good to my hand and arm, hopefully bring some relaxing and healing. I need to rest it, I need to consistently stop adding extra activity, tension and stress and see if that can help.

I can’t stand this anymore.


  1. I seem to remember in the dim and distant past you mentioning a head injury you had many years ago? Could this be a knock-on residual of that injury? (no pun intended!)

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  2. I had something similar happen multiple times, the first time was due to a nerve healing after being sliced in half by my bone and then whenever I notice that my anxiety levels get too high, I get tense, tight, sometimes sharp pains in my neck, shoulders, and arms. It causes a bit of weakness in that arm too. Try to reduce some anxiety in your life. I happen to use green tea and meditation… But when needed I used an anti-anxiety medication.

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