I discovered the key to my great health!

I rarely leave my apartment!

Yep, my gf Mona always marvels at how rarely I get sick and if I do it’s very mild.

Well… I work from home, so… DUUUUUH. I don’t commute, I’m not in that transportation Petri Dish aka the NYC subway every day. There’s nobody coughing, sneezing, spreading germs on the handrails.

Ergo, I don’t work in an office with people sniffling, touching things that I’ll touch.

And on top of all that.. I don’t have kids. Those little effers bring their school-friends’ bugs home all the time.

Put all that together and I’m a towering figure of health.

Ok this was a short one. I’ll try to do better next time.


  1. Read that there are about 120 cold viruses. people also get about 2 colds a year on average. Where I am, knocking on 60’s door, there aren’t very many cold viruses my body hasn’t seen. Acquired built in immunity purely due to exposure. Seriously haven’t had a cold in 2 – 3 years now. (I expect that streak to end now that I’ve put it out there.)

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