I feel like Santa Claus in my office

So I normally work from home, but this past Wednesday I went into the office because my nephew and his wife, who live in Manhattan, had a baby boy, and it would be easier to go to their apt from my office in Manhattan. And as any Seinfeld fan knows… you gotta go SEE THE BABY!

So in the office I was, tucked away on the quiet side. Since I work at home, I don’t have really good relationships with people from the office.

However, on the occasions I’ve come in (holiday parties, mainly) I’ve bonded with the sales team somewhat.

So in the morning I emailed them, told them I was in the office and what were they doing for lunch?

And BAM I had plans for lunch. I went out with 4 of them to a German beer hall place. Yes, I had a beer with lunch. Mostly, we just ordered a couple platters of finger food. See?

We had a good time. On someone’s company card too. 3 guys, 1 woman. All very fun and I can hold my own in casual wise-ass conversation.

And they asked when I was coming back and to let them know in advance so they’d clear their schedules and we’d go out drinking at night too.

Good times when Rex comes to town. I feel like Santa walking in there, spreading cheer and bringing glad tidings to all.

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