How to ask if I’m getting a raise?

So today I had my annual review at work. And it couldn’t have gone better. My boss, Fred, is really happy with my performance and the feedback I’ve gotten from (internal and external) clients. We went over some high points of my year. My strengths… My areas for improvement (I’m not Superman, you know.) But overall, it was a Rex-lovefest.

Awwwwwyeeeeeaaaah. That’s right, Freddo boss man.

He said he’d get back to me as to the goals for 2018, since his own aren’t quite worked out yet with his boss so he can cascade them to those under him.

And then the call ended.

No mention of a pay increase. No mention of money whatsoever, even if there is no increase coming. He and I speak once a week and in prior calls he’s mentioned looking into possible increases but has to get the ok from his boss.

But no mention today during the review. Even after a dazzling review. Hmmmmmph. That’s odd.

Ok maybe it’s not, maybe he’s still looking into it. But I’d think I’d get an “I’m waiting to hear back.”

So… How long to give Fred until I bring it up? I say a week. As I mentioned, we speak every week so I’ll bring it up on next Thursday’s call.

But how? I mean, I don’t want to seem like it’s the only thing that matters. Buuuuuuut I wouldn’t be doing this for free. Careers are meant as an exchange of goods/ services for money. And they’re meant to GROW. And no increase after a year and a half with a great last year… that COULD BE a red flag.

So… nothing wrong having that conversation, especially after a great review. It’ll be uncomfortable for me, sure, but nothing wrong with it.

So how to word it? I’m sure I can find something online (you can Google anything) but I don’t give my blog much love these days, so why not ask the hive mind?

Any ideas? How about…

“Fred, thanks again for the great review last week. I was wondering if it’s been decided if I would get a pay increase?”

I’m nothing if not straightforward.

Any other suggestions?


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