Ok, job opening. You asked me to be creative…

I’ve written about this before.

So in some online job openings there’s a free text space where some companies say “What makes you stand out? Be creative to catch our eye. (150 characters).”

This time when I saw it, I answered it this way:

“As my mission in life, I spread joy. In a recent client feedback survey, someone wrote “the world needs more Rexes.” Let me spread some joy to your clients. ”

Let’s see if that gets their attention.

PS thats a true story about that client feedback survey.

One comment

  1. I responded to one of those one time…. “I am like a firecracker packed with over 80 lbs of dynamite with a really short fuse.” and that “OK is a sideways person” and my favorite, I asked Why does glue not stick to the inside of the glue bottle?… I have had this job for 5 years now.


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