Shameless Self-Promotion Works!

So I work in corporate Client Service. Ten years ago, I started keeping emails from clients in a separate Outlook folder entitled “Praise” when they said nice things about my service . One former colleague reminds me of that to this day.

Before one annual review, I actually printed them out and brought them to refer to. My then-boss was rather impressed.

I’ve been at my current job for a year and a half. Maybe eight months ago I started doing that again, saving emails in a “Praise” folder.

I also believe it’s very “Law of Attraction”… saving good feedback will attract more good feedback and it certainly has.

And I started going a step further… I started sending them to my boss, as a “nice to hear good feedback from a client (or internal salesperson)” notification. My boss thoroughly enjoys there and passes them onto his boss too.

My client interactions are followed up with surveys so thats a great way to get feedback too, though don’t see those surveys. They go directly to my boss.

I also answer client inquiries on the phone and I’m VERY personable on the phone. One time last October, I could tell one client was enjoying our interaction so I went for it, telling her that to close out interaction I have to enter details into our system and she’ll get an email with a Client Service survey and, yes, feel free to say how good my service was.

Well, did she ever!

She left a few opening sentences about my service but she ended it with “The world needs more Rexes.”

Whoa, did that get the attention of my boss and his boss! They quoted it in a presentation to my team as they gave me the Star of the Month prize.

NOT ONLY THAT… They used that quote in a presentation to hundreds of people at a sales meeting. Multiple times.

It stood out so much that people who were at the sales meeting emailed me as it happened, and people are still telling me about it.

A year ago, my 2016 annual review had a “good but there’s much room for improvement” grade. However, in my weekly meeting with my boss recently, he said had a “fantastic 2017” so I’m looking fittest you the official review.

Lesson learned: It doesn’t hurt to let people in on how good a job I’m doing. Dont brag, let others speak for me and ensure my boss reads their feedback.

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