Being Brave Enough for 2018 to be a Breakthrough Year

2018 is going to be a BREAKTHROUGH year for me! I’m declaring it now. BIG STUFF for Rex in 2018.

Now, I’ll need to be able to handle big changes. I’ll need to be BRAVE. Why brave? 

Think about it, pioneering new ground, more money, more responsibility, more commitment, more love, new experiences… the unknown takes bravery. Gotta be brave you stop doing what I know works,  even at a smaller level – doing certain things and behaving certain ways. Even if they’re limiting behaviors they’re still what I’m used to, like a behavioral Stockholm Syndrome. 

Gotta be brave to grow up. Brave enough to tell the Universe that I’m ready for a bigger slice of the world.

I’m ready for the next level! Bring it! 


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