Singing, Dancing and Cooking with my Girlfriend

So, again, I’ve been back with Mona for a while now. Many people have asked me to write about GOOD things because usually I only write about the bad. 

One of my favorite things about us is that we sing and dance while we cook. Yes, I know that sounds tremendously silly, but that’s the point. 

Now let me be straight… SHE has the kitchen skills. I can make some things but 98.648% of the time, I’M the souschef.

So there we are making a meal: preparing food, blending, grating, cleaning, cooking… you get the idea. But why not listen to music at the same time?

She and I are around the same age and like the same music.  And when we cook, it’s either 50s/60s Do-Wop music, 80s/90s Freestyle dance music, or Showtunes.

Yeah yeah, you read right. 

So there we are… cooking away,  jammin to some music, belting out lyrics (we both can sing decent for a drunken karaoke night, but not really what I would call “good.”) Occasionally, we grab and grind each other, dirty dance, swing or slow dance, all the while stealing a hug, kiss, feel, playful grope, etc. 

And I effing ADORE every second of it. Honestly, it’s great beyond words. I love that woman. 

We’re just so comfortable with each other that we can unleash the silliness without a care,  knowing that not only will the other reciprocate but will usually raise the Silliness Level even further.

I can’t wait for the next time.


  1. Isn’t that the whole point? Being able to be free with each other is one of the best parts about a relationship. I have been in my relationship for 7 years. I will admit, we have had more bad days than good ones, but the best part of it all is when I can just let the walls down and be myself.

    The best part of being with my guy is that after 7 years, we are still madly in love. We laugh all the time and we even opened up a small content writing business so that we could both apply the skills that we are good at. Now, I am not saying it is all rainbows and sunshine… I have went off the deep end a few times and come up swinging like Mike Tyson. But when you can find someone to be silly with, who has similar interests, and allows you to be yourself, then hold on to it.

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