The Ingham Coincidence (I am still magic)

Hey all,

Happy New Year! I’ll talk more about the holidays in later posts. But here’s something strange that happened to me recently. 

If you haven’t heard, I’ve been back with Mona. That’s not the strange thing I was talking about.

So her last name, for these purposes anyway, is Buckingham.

I was over her house and saw a package she’d received and the person wrapped it with tape weird, such that the “Buck” was covered. 

“Hey, you are now Mona Ingham” I quipped and pointed out how it looked I  the box. 

Noticing that, she looked through a pile of papers and pulled out something her daughter Jenny did at school. But Jenny, 5, wrote her name weird where she ran out of room mid name and had to continue on the next line. On one line it said “Jenny Buck” then on the next line it said… yep… “Ingham”!!!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes really do think I tap into a superpower.



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