Debt Free!


I went from $19,444 in credit card debt to $0 in ONE YEAR! 

As you may remember, things got hairy with my gf, Mona, two years ago when she realized how much debt I was in, I was unemployed and my savings was dwindling 
Yaddayaddayadda… I got a job and started seeing her therapist who “suggested” I put the bulk of my debt on 0% cards, get a second job and put myself on a budget. I did, did and did. 

So between my day job and my side job, I was able to put $1,000+ towards my debt every month. Throw in a bit from my savings and my entire tax return and BOOM…All gone. 

I’ve been moving so quickly, I need to stop and smell these roses. These are frickin SWEET. I have difficulty swelling with pride for myself. But yeah, it’s a proud moment. I’ve worked really hard,  excelling at my own job, kickong butt taking external pictures of real estate for my second job. I’m the cold. In the snow. In questionable neighborhoods. Living tight, turning down invitations because they’ll be expensive, requesting cheaper options, cooking more. 

And the work will keep on going. I need to stay responsible and goal focused. 

Of course, I saved zilch. Now I can start saving again. Combine that with my next big career move that I’m going to start working on and 2018 will be a most prosperous year. 



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