My Magic is Back! The Jeans/Genes Coincidence! 

Hi all,

I haven’t had a coincidence in a while. This one was crazy. 

  • Situation 1: I need two pairs of jeans and Mona and I are going to buy them on Black Friday
  • Situation 2: My cousin Connie is throwing Thanksgiving, which was decided last minute

Connie had already texted that she and her mom, Aunt Liz, already have a detailed menu planned, and I texted Connie that I was surprised that she and Liz put it together so quickly.

Simultaneously, I was on Facebook and a FB friend asked if anyone was going shopping on Black Friday. So I said:

 Then, not 3 seconds later, my cousin texted,  saying:

That… is INSANE. Jeans/Genes! Homonyms! My magic is back and stronger than ever!

(Deep breath) 


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