Blessed with a Free Bagel and Coffee

So I’m trying to watch what I spend and for breakfast I usually make oatmeal and my own coffee soI don’t spend $5-$7. However, this morning I was running late and had a sink filled with dirty dishes, pots and my coffee pot…

So off I went to the bagel place a block away for a bagel and a coffee. It was going to run $5, not the end of the world but not what I wanted to spend. 

I ordered my toasted Everything bagel with cream cheese. When the guy brought it to me and made me a coffee, he made a funny face as motioned away with his head. 

“He’s giving me free breakfast and doesn’t want to let the other customers know.” Now, I am there very often, they all know me.  I’m fairly talkative and sociable. But still, this was an unexpected blessing, helping me conserve money. 

The universe, spirit, angels, God, vibes, whoever is one my side.

I’ll take miracles. Small ones and big ones too.


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