Well, we finally broke up

I know, I know… many of my blog friends weren’t fond of my now-ex-gf Mona- my blogs about her were always about the bad stuff, not the good stuff.

Last night, she texted that she was feeling overwhelmed so we go on the phone. Her schedule has her work late 3 days a week and she can’t monitor the kids homework, doing all the stuff that she and her ex did together she now has to do alone. She’s having a hard time. I get that. 

And… the call with her came in the middle of me working late. After 23 minutes, it sounded like she was was settling a bit, it was already past 11pm, so I thought that was a good opportunity to let her go and let me get back to work. 

She lost it. Then I reacted and got angry that she got angry and she hung up. 

She was mad today, we texted a bunch and she wanted to talk tonight. 

Tonight we spoke. Not really about last night, but about how things haven’t been great for some time. Of course all my faults. It’s still me and my career not being where she’d like it to be so she wouldn’t feel like a sugar mama.

She also doesn’t see me helping in the house, cleaning up after meals, taking the kids places. This is because I pretty much keep a dirty apartment when I’m on my own. 

She requested we take “a break.” I said it’s no use,  because things won’t change enough, fast enough to make a difference, so taking a break is like kicking the can down the road. 

That took her back. She wasn’t prepared for a permanent break up. 


Since then, she texted with a “refuse to give up on each other” meme, shocked that I’m not fighting for her. What does that look like?  Saying I’ll be the man she wants me to be? That means she doesn’t love me NOW.

I get it, we put in 2 and 1/2 years. There were lots of great times. Hard to throw away an investment. 

Butt honestly, I’m done with her drama. Enough is enough. I’m spent. 


  1. I’m sorry, man. But you know, it’s gotta be someone who loves you for you. Any drama should be because a person cares (and consoles), not because they don’t live up to expectations that take the person for granted.

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  2. I’m sorry – breakups suck no matter what. You already know it’s for the best. You are a loving and patient boyfriend who is amazing at compromise. You have a lot to offer one lucky woman. Mona didn’t deserve you.


  3. Hello my friend! I’m sorry to hear this. Not sure how it’s going now but keep us updated. We are rooting for you to be the best you possible. With or without mona. Breakups are tough and I hope you’re feeling ok. Big hug


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