We started farting in front of each other. No turning back now. 

So Mona had a slight stomach bug this weekend, and yes, it gave her more gas than normal, and she couldn’t hold back. 

Granted, she wasn’t waving it in my direction, smiling in anticipation. Not yet, anyway. She still walked away but occasionally, hey, it’s kind of unavoidable. People have gas.

We’re practically at 2 and 1/2 years and it’s finally out of the bag. And throw in some conversation about bowel movements too. Nothing too graphic, but we joke that it will GET graphic.

The way Mona talks, it’s such a relief to get this out of the bag. Like she has a nuclear reactor in her trunk and now she can lay waste to the area. 

Hopefully it won’t get like that. There were a lot of Dutch Oven references, but nothing so bad so far.

I’m used to fart humor with the guys and family, but I never have with a woman was in a relationship with. In a way, it’s a huge step. It’s also a way different side of non- related women than I’ve ever seen first hand. I suppose it had to happen eventually. We’re all human. 

And of course, it’s not like the smell of flowers emanates from MY lower region, I got game as well. Truth be told, whenever I see her I take at least one Gas X tablet to keep my toxicity in check. I think still will. 

Anyway, I’m sure you really wanted to read about that. Enjoy! 


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