I accidentally tested my neighborhood’s safety and, thankfully, it passed

Ok, I’m a dope. A BIG dope.

I live in Brooklyn NY in a good area. I wouldn’t call it. Most of it is crowded middle class and some less crowded nicer parts. Still, I always feel safe, walking around. Sure, my car got broken into a whiles ago, but overall it’s a good place to live. 

And a good place to be a dope.

So parking isn’t easy, I live in an apartment building so I depend on parking on the street, I don’t have a driveway. As since there are many of us like that, it’s really crowded. Sometimes I have to park a block or two away. And I did last Tuesday. 

But… I didn’t have to go to my car until Saturday. So on Saturday, I walked two blocks to my car and…


Wait, was it broken? I turned the car on, went to raise the window… And it raised. 

Waitaminute… I parked the car and walked away with a window open? Ugh! Come on, Rex, get it together! 

I looked around my car, everything seemed to be in place. There was some water just inside the window, I don’t think it officially rained in that timespan but it certainly misted and dewer quite a bit and it accumulated. 

Believe it or not, as I walk away from my parked car, more often than not walk back from half a block away to make sure closed the windows. 

I guess the one time I didn’t go back I really needed to.

Well, nobody took anything from my car. Go, my neighborhood! Thank you for being safe! 

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