A slight check in

Geez haven’t blogged in forever. So what’s going on with me? 

Mona– things are good with us overall. Two weekends ago we went to Long Island’s North Fork for some farm stands, a winery and decent meals. Then a few days later she got on my case for not looking for another job to increase my income to make our future easier faster. She’s right, I do need to get my ass in gear. And I need to keep my ass in gear. And she shouldn’t have to get me in gear. I’ve never been a great self motivator. Something I need to remember. 

We got past it, for now. I have started looking for a job with verve again. 

So overall, we’re great. 

My primary job – it’s been 14 months now, things are going well. Someone left recently so we’re bet busy.  I really don’t see a future with my particular company.

My second job – I’m still taking external pictures of real estate. I do enjoy it even though it eats a full day on the weekends I’m in upper Manhattan now: Harlem, Inwood, Morningside Heights, Washington Heights. Some really nice architecture up there. 

It’s lots of walking, like 10 miles an outing. But extra money is nice. Not that I’m keeping any of it. Using it to pay off debt or unexpected expenses. 

Debt–  I’m down to $2,488, from my height of $19,500 maybe 13 months ago. $2,500 from my tax return, another $3,000 from my savings, then the rest from my paycheck or second job. Not bad. 

So that’s me in nutshell. Sorry I haven’t read much lately at all. Hopefully I’ll start managing my time better. 

Hope everyone is safe in these crazy times.

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