Temporarily Depressed- Money and Interview Issues

So in my therapy session this week my therapist put the screws to me. Mona and I have been talking matriage lately, which is great. She’s awesome and we get along astoundingly well. However, how am I paying for an engagement ring and a wedding?

This past year, my credit card debt has gone from $19,500 to $3,800 and dropping. However, I have not saved dollar one. I do have 401k that I don’t touch, and about $10k in the bank. But that’s it. To my name. 

My debt will be gone by November, then I can start saving for a ring. And once I buy one next year, there goes my savings again. 

Then a modest wedding will still cost money. Probably another year’s worth of savings (on my end, anyway. Mona’d chip in for that too, of course.) Then, my savings would go back down again. 

When do I start saving for me? I don’t see it happening in the near future. 

This is at my current salary, anyway. I plan on changing companies this year so hopefully that will bring in another $10k annually. I need to make that happen. 

Unfortunately, I had FOUR INTERVIEWS with a company recently, including a presentation which I thought went very well. That was TWELVE DAYS AGO. And I have NOT HEARD BACK YET.Not either way. I’d think after 4 interviews I would get notified even if they decided not to go with me. 

Last Thursday, a week after my last interview,  I sent a follow up email to the hiring manager.

NOTHING. I haven’t heard a peep.

Come on. 

Ok it’s August and people are on vacation. I’m trying to keep positive but at this point, but it’s fading. I didn’t even hear back from my latest email. I’ll send an email tomorrow afternoon to the HR business partner. I know it’s out of my hands but some closure would be nice, and sending emails a week apart is not bad. I don’t think. 

Then once I’m in this state, my mind can really spiral out of control, beating myself up for all of the many mistakes I’ve made. And yes, no success comes easy, mistakes always happen,  but it’s getting depressing. I’m going to be 45 this year. I need to kick it up several notches so I don’t become a burden to my family or society in my old age.



      • Piggy backing on this. I’m all down for marriage talks but, Rex, things really change with kids. Please make sure you can really really really fit into a life with children before you make a serious commitment. In theory, love is enough. In practice, kids complicate things. Not anyone’s fault. Not even saying you can’t handle it. But it’s not just you and Mona. It’d be 2 extra personalities and needs and attitudes and lives that really take over a family unit. It’s hard in an intact family with both parents to make it work. Just make sure you know what you get yourself into whenever you start in that direction. For everyone’s sake, not just yours.

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  1. There should be no discussion whatsoever of marriage until those children are a part of your life. This isn’t about you and Mona alone. Frankly, I think it’s ridiculous that you haven’t met them after two years. It makes no sense and really makes me wonder about her.

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  2. I admire your discipline. I got student loans which take up most of my money and not much else in long term expenses. i can only imagine how much money you make, but i admire your progress. and as of now probably have as much money in the bank as you do.

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