God does not want me to be depressed

So yesterday I took a stroll down Negative Lane. Some tough times financially and a questionable future. Not great. I was down. 

Then, something odd happened. No… somethingS (plural) happened. Some good positive messages, vibes, grace… call it what you want. 

1. A salesperson told me that he put in some good words about my service to my boss’ boss.

2. Then a friend Bob reached out to say hey and to make plans to hang. Always great when someone reaches out and wants to spend time with me.

4. Then a friend, Jackson, reached out to me today, I know him from a men’s mentoring organization that I used to belong to. He invited me to an organization event that I can’t make. Really great of him to think of me. He even said: 

I used to be VERY active in that organization and really touching to be thought of like that.

5. Later today I got a phone call from a client and I was able to help her issue. And she PRAISED my help up and down. Now, what I did for her was very simple. But she really needed the help and I gave it to her quickly. Plus, I’m very personable on the phone with clients and enjoy easy going relationships to put them at ease as I work through their issues. And it shows.

“You deserve a raise!” she exclaimed. I thought that was very serendipitous, given yesterday’s blog about money. 

This is the universe/God’s way of saying “don’t worry, buddy. Help is here and will continue. Have faith.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

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